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Who are the Archangels & How can they help you with your Life?

The Archangels are the managers or chief angels of our universe.  The term “arch” is greek for chief or ruler, so arch + angel means chief angel or ruling angel. 

They are angels of high rank and divine high vibrational highly advanced winged celestial beings that are dedicated to overseeing our planet, protection, soul journey, and all the creatures that inhabit it.

As quoted in Wikipedia “ The English word archangel is derived from the Greek ἀρχάγγελος (arch- + angel, literally "chief angel" or "angel of origin").

“The Archangels oversee the protection and management of earth and all of its beings.”

The Archangels have many duties in leading, helping and protecting, including overseeing guardian angels and helper angels in their duties to keep things on track and working for the highest good of all souls!

In my communications with the Angels they tell me that there are more Archangels and Angels than we could ever conceptualize, way more.  There are so many Angels in our universe it’s incredible so just know we are fully supported in our journey if we ASK FOR HELP!

“We are fully supported in our journey if we ASK FOR HELP!”

The skies above us are quite busy with traffic!  Our Universe is huge and full of so much life and energy. 

Think of it this way, there are nearly 8 billion humans on planet earth and trillions upon trillions of other soul filled creatures.  Here’s what Wikipedia states:

Look at the stats:  7, 800,000 > Click here to see Wikipedia 

 Wikipedia states that as of March 2020 Earth has reached a human population of 7 billion 800 million humans that presently occupy the planet.

Archangel Michael, Cord Cutting

In my conversations and work with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and my personal guardian angel this is what they tell me.  We all have a PRIMARY GUARDIAN ANGEL.  

Every single human soul has at least one guardian angel and many have more than one, usually 3.  We also have spirit guides, helper angels and life lesson guides that come and go through phases of our lives where we need help.

 Typically, each human soul has 1 to 3 Spirit Guides and many other helper guides.  When you consider there are almost 8 billion souls on this planet that equates to a massive amount of angels and guides coming and going to help us.   

So, earth and it’s skies are a very very busy place.  The Archangels have quite a job overseeing so many souls, angels, guides and beings. 

Archangels can see our past, present and POTENTIAL future all at the same time. So, you may ask “how is this possible?”. 

It’s possible because the Archangels are highly advanced celestial beings and they are not limited by space and time as we are in our earthly experience.  They can see our past, present and potential future all in one. I refer to our future as a “POTENTIAL FUTURE”.

Our futures are always potential possibilities. Remember, nothing is ever “set in stone” in the earthly realm.  We are not robots with pre planned daily actions and our lives are not completely predictable.  

While we do have a pre-planned “SOUL PLAN” before we come here to learn certain life lessons, that does not mean it always goes as planned.  Anything goes in the Earth reality and physical life!

There are many potentials for our life choices and endless possibilities for what could possibly happen once we are. So why is this?  


That’s what makes earth so cool and awesome.  We get to decide! So, the Archangels see each human soul as we are, unique beings with different personalities, experiences and possibilities for our lives.  Our journey’s are all unique with unlimited dynamics to what may happen.  It really is all up to us!

It’s quite hard for us to understand how the Archangels can manage the entire earth and 8 billion souls and still have time to help us with our lives and daily problems.  BUT THEY DO!  

“The Archangels help us with eagerness if we ASK!” 

Free will laws dictate no interference with our personal choices.  That’s the beauty of our existence here and why so many souls want to come here and experience the world of earth. It’s limitless and full of experiences, good and bad!  

“EARTH SCHOOL is the ULTIMATE place to learn, expand and grow as a soul!”

The Archangels are our energetic friends who can be in many places at one time helping millions of humans on the planet, everywhere. They really are great guides and friends and when you get to know them and if you allow them into your life they can truly help you.

So, the question you may ask is “Well, How can they really help ME with my life?” So, let’s talk about that.

angel reading

Can Angels really help us with our life?

Absolutely!  The beautiful Archangels are here to assist us whenever we are in need of help, protection or healing of our lives.  They come to us with love and understanding for our challenging soul journey.  They love us unconditionally and want nothing more for us to grow, be happy and have a prosperous life in our time on earth.  

“They are our spiritual guides, protectors and friends if we choose it.”

When you make the decision to include the Archangels in your soul journey and accept their assistance, they will deliver.  As long as it is for your best and highest good for soul development and growth, they will help. 

They will provide you the guidance, direction, or the push you are requesting to help you move forward in your life.  The key is “to help you”, that means they expect YOU to take ACTION and be proactive in your

own life.  Ultimately, it is your life so you have to take action and they will give you the push you need. 

 “If you ASK for help and take action toward manifesting what it is you want, the Archangels will definitely help you!”

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There are typical situations and issues we have the Archangels can help with daily but it’s a vast ocean of problems in the human world.  This is a topic that could never be fully answered because there is no limit to our problems, life challenges, health situations, love stuff and more and there is also no limit to the help we can receive either.  

We are complex, delicate and multi-dimensional beings with difficult soul journey’s we have chosen so we can learn, grow and expand as a soul.  There’s no limit to the life situations we may have in this life right now, from our past and even our past lives! 

In my work with the Archangels, I see them help in many aspects of our soul journey.  

Here are just some of the main issues Archangels help us with. 

  • Finding or healing love relationships
  • Manifesting our soul mate
  • Manifesting the life we want
  • Manifesting prosperity & abundance
  • Spiritual Growth and awakening
  • Healing the past
  • Healing our emotions and mind 
  • Energetic healing of the physical body
  • Finding our purpose in our life
  • Feeling supported and loved without judgement
  • Overcoming grief and loss
  • Learning to love and support others unconditionally
  • Finding the right direction for your lives
  • Connecting with our loved ones on the other side
  • Healing from grief and loss or illness
  • Learning to release what no longer serves our life
  • Learning to forgive and love others unconditionally

This is just a small list of some of the life situations we may need help with and what the Archangels can assist us with.  


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How do I connect with the Archangels?

When you're ready and willing to ASK and accept help from the Archangels in your soul journey there are a few steps you need to take in order to invite them in or what we call invoking or calling the Angels.  

Please remember we are beings of “FREE WILL”, meaning we have the right to have this life journey uninterrupted no matter what it involves.  If we don’t want help and want to do this all on our own that is perfectly fine! 

So, the Angels can only help us if we choose it and ASK THEM TOO.  It’s really up to us which path we choose.

Here are 5 simple steps to ASK for help and invoke the Archangels.

  1. Set the intention
  2. Believe they will connect & communicate
  3. Create your sacred space
  4. Use your tool to invoke the Archangels
  5. Ask for help & take Action on your life


The first step to working with Angels is to set the intention that you want to do so.  Just as you should do anything in your life.  

We are energy and our thoughts, emotions and intentions are the energy to manifest what we want. 

We are very powerful soul beings.  We have way more energetic power than we realize!   This is the beginning step to any kind of manifestation in our life, whether love, money, happiness, health or more. 

So, step ONE is to set the intention with our thoughts and emotions.  Send this mental and emotional energy into the universal field that you will be connecting with the Archangels and receiving help from them.  


The second step is to Believe. Nothing happens without belief.  Believe in your heart of hearts they will come and connect with you when you make the effort.  

Energy is conscious and responds to our thoughts, emotions and feelings.  So, if you truly don’t believe you are sending the energy of disbelief.  So make up your mind and choose to carry the energy of belief for the possibilities of your life and help from your angels and guides.

If you call them, they will come.  I guarantee it!  


The third step is invoking (calling), connecting and building a relationship with the Archangels is to create your sacred space.  This is a special place where you will cleanse and clear your area to connect on a daily basis.  A quiet place where you can relax, concentrate, meditate and use whatever tools you choose to communicate with.

 As you work in this space, the energy will grow over time and you feel the energetic shift as soon as you go there.  As I said early, energy is conscious and you are energy. Your energy body will be ready to communicate!  


The fourth step is to choose your tool for communicating.  This means you need to decide what you will use to connect & communicate.  

“There are many ways to communicate and receive signs from your angels.” 

Here are a few:

  • Your own psychic development abilities
  • Prayers or Mantras
  • Angel Oracle or Angel Tarot cards
  • Journaling in a daily journal
  • Meditation - guided or self meditation
  • Automatic Writing 
  • Pendulum


The fifth step is to ASK FOR HELP & TAKE ACTION toward your goal! Sit in your sacred space and just be true “ from your heart” to the Archangel you choose to call in.  You only need one! 

 Speak from your heart with honesty about what you really need help with like your talking to a friend and asking for help.  They are souls just like we are and care for us just as we care for other people.

Whether you choose to write it in a journal, say it out loud or in your mind it doesn’t matter.  I started with

JOURNALING in the evening to the Archangels before bed and before I knew it things started happening. Just pick one Archangel you would like to work with and start from there.

If you call them, they will come!  They are listening.

Now, you do your part by taking action on your life.  Sitting on the couch watching tv is not going to help you manifest your soulmate.  If you get out there and take action, the Archangels will send signs and opportunities to manifest what you want. 

Please don't expect them to do it all for you, they are not in the space of living your soul journey.  They are guides here to assist you, give you nudges, opportunities and signs to move in the direction you want your life to go.

They understand the human journey is really challenging and that sometimes we really need help. 

“Always show GRATITUDE for their divine help.”

Always say Thank You and show respect as they are performing a DIVINE DUTY in assisting human souls and it’s not easy helping humans with their problems.  Always show appreciation for their assistance and I promise you they will go the extra mile for you!  

Same goes for your personal Spirit Team, meaning your Guardian Angels and your Spirit Guides.  You have so much spiritual support available to you why would you not embrace it!

NOW, Start looking for the signs, signals, nudges, opportunities that start presenting themselves.  You may see feathers, coins, hear voices and many other signs of communication.

If you would like to learn Step by Step, check out my COURSE : LEARN TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANGELS.  It’s coming SOON!  This course will guide you each step through the process of connecting with The Archangels or your Guardian Angel.

angel reading, guardian angel reading, guardian angel healing

Here are some simple invocation’s that I wrote with the help of each Angel. 

Archangel Invocations by Angel?

Archangel Michael


ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now and request your loving strength & assistance.  Please infuse my body with  courage, confidence & strength.  I ask that you protect me from the darkness of negativity, fear, limiting beliefs & karmic binds and remove them from my life.  Please inspire & empower my soul for my ultimate highest good.  

Thank you with loving gratitude.

Archangel Metatron


ArchAngel Metatron, I call upon you now and request your loving Guidance for my soul.  Please infuse your wisdom & energetic expansion into my being so I may ascend to my soul's highest possibility in this life.  I ask for your courage & strength to embrace the unknown and reach for higher levels of soul growth & expansion.  Please be with me now & raise my vibrations. 

Thank you with loving gratitude.

Archangel Uriel

ArchAngel Uriel, I call upon you now and request your loving Guidance for my life.  Please infuse your beautiful spark of creativity, motivation & accomplishment into my life.  Release any limiting beliefs, doubts & fear that stand in my way of my highest purpose so that may be all that is possible.  Help to ignite ideas, opportunities & transformation for prosperity & abundance. 

Thank you with loving gratitude.

Archangel Chamuel


ArchAngel Chamuel, I call upon you now and request your loving Guidance for my life.  Please infuse your loving energy of compassion, acceptance & understanding into my life.  Support me in the relationships and love that I need for fulfillment.  Give me the strength to embrace kindness, acceptance and forgiveness for all people in my life.  

Thank you with loving gratitude.

Archangel Raziel


ArchAngel Raziel, I call upon you now and request your loving Guidance for my life.  Please infuse your strength for me to grow into my highest purpose.  Help me to have truth, understanding and wisdom to grow and expand by soul purpose.  Please give me the patience & understanding to achieve my highest and happiest purpose in this life.

Thank you with loving gratitude.

Archangel Azrael


ArchAngel Azrael, I call upon you now and request your loving Guidance for my life.  Please infuse your strength for me to grow into my highest purpose.  Help me to move past that which no longer serves my life and embrace the opportunity of New Beginnings.  Please give me the encouragement & confidence to achieve my highest purpose and possible abilities for my best life. 

Thank you with loving gratitude.


Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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