Angel numbers, guide to angels, archangels, 111, 11:11, 444, 1212, 333, Ultimate Guide to Angel Numbers, synchronicities



You live in a world filled with so much spiritual guidance available to you that comes from angels, guides and ancestors.  It is a surety that your soul will need guidance at some point in their life from their spiritual team.  The Angels know one of the best way to communicate with you is to provide this much needed guidance through something you can understand, ANGEL NUMBERS!  

Even though we can not see Angels and maybe not even feel them near, they are always watching out for the journey of our soul life.  Helping us is their sovereign duty and they love to surprise us with presenting these synchronicities throughout your day.  

So, if you are seeing ANGEL NUMBERS everywhere there is likely a reason for it.  PAY ATTENTION!

Are you Seeing 444 everywhere you go? or 11:11 every time you turn around!  Do you keep seeing these repeated numbers on clocks, timers, license plates, signs.  Are you waking up at 2:22 am?  Does your computer turn on it 12:12 on a frequent basis. 

These clever synchronistic ways the Angel and Guides use Angel Numbers is a direct method of communication from the spiritual world to the human world.

It's the easiest way for then to provide this guidance, support and spiritual insights without tapping you on the arm and saying "HEY, LISTEN UP".  It is visual communication.

Here are some of the ways they present Angel Numbers to you:

  • Letters & Signs
  • Addresses & Phone Numbers
  • Times & Dates
  • Lucky Numbers
  • License Plates
  • Numbers in your Dreams or Visions
  • Price Tags
  • Technology Equipment like Laptops, Phones

As our greatest Protectors & Supporters, Then Angels know that when you see these synchronicities repeatedly that you will pay attention to their direct guidance!

Angel numbers, guide to angels, archangels, 111, 11:11, 444, 1212, 333, Ultimate Guide to Angel Numbers, synchronicities 911

What are Angel Numbers and Why are they important?

The Angels are beginning to use ANGEL NUMBERS more and more in recent years because they have become a popular way to communicate with the human world.  If you have not developed your psychic abilities yet, no worries, just look for the signs from Angels.

Here are some of the other ways they can also communicate with you:

  • feathers
  • coins
  • subtle words in your ears
  • flashing lights
  • colors and sounds
  • familiar songs with messages

There are so many ways they try to get your attention, but Angel numbers are the main way because Numbers are ingrained in our world since the beginning of time!  

I am sure you know what Numerology is and if you do then you are aware of how powerful the vibration of numbers are. 

 There is a complete science to numbers and their meanings! Here is the reason why:

Because we live in a world that is Vibration, Light & Sound.  Energy is alive and conscious, so a visual representation like a number is a living conscious vibration thing with MEANING!  These meanings are are the basis of the mathematical and scientific structure of the energy field and world around you.  It is the essence of our Akashic Records.

I am sure by now you have heard of the AKASHIC RECORDS and how your soul has a complete record of who you are.  This is called your ENERGETIC IMPRINT.  Well, it is the exact same way with ANGEL NUMBERS.  

Every number has an energetic imprint that exists not only here in the human world but in an expansive way throughout the Universe and the Akashic Field.

Numbers have significant meaning not just in words but also in vibration on an energetic level, that's how important they are.  This meaning is a signal given from the Angels that is something about your SOUL JOURNEY OR LIFE PATH that needs attention, awareness or action!   It's kind of like an energetic switch that is kicking on to give you signals.  

It's definitely worth your time and effort to really learn about Angel Numbers, their meanings and synchronicities so the Angels have the opportunity to be a part of your life and communicate with you regularly.  

Having Angels in your life is a great blessing and they love to have your acceptance of guidance, it truly makes them happy to help you. 


Angel numbers, guide to angels, archangels, 111, 11:11, 444, 1212, 333, Ultimate Guide to Angel Numbers, synchronicities 444


They interrupt your path at some point in your day and even at night while sleeping to get your attention. It's not only Angels that can do this to get your attention, so can your deceased loved ones on the other side.  

So, can your Higher-Self and your Spirit Guides, they all have the job of protecting and guiding you for your highest good. 

The daily signs and synchronicities from your spiritual team like your Higher-Self, your Guardian Angels and even your Spirit Guides or an Archangel are like a puzzle for you to figure out.   They make the effort and bring the connection, especially if you invited them in by an invocation, but It's up to you to figure out what it means and where its coming from!

If you are not sure what the word SYNCHRONICITIES means, well here is a great definition from a popular source on the internet.  This may help you understand just a bit better...

Here is the definition from WIKIPEDIA for SYNCHRONICITY

a person's subjective experience that coincidences between events in their mind and the outside world may be causally unrelated to each other yet have some other unknown connection.  This was based on research by Carl Jung in the Pauli-Jung conjecture.  

Here's the Scoop on what Carl Jung said a long time ago!  There is some UNKOWN CONNECTION here that is unexplainable, well it was in those day, but today we know all about it and what it is.  It's a modern day with New Age beliefs and embracing Angels and Spirit as a wonderful way of life!   

You can read Angel number stories everywhere in this day and age.  So, I guess you could say Angels & Spirits have really gotten our attention in the last 5 years or so as seeing Angel numbers has gone mainstream!  

They are more present now than ever in our lives, so I do hope that you are taking of advantage of your soul gift of having the wonderful blessings present from your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides or even the Archangels.  

Fall in Love with those Angels Numbers!

Angel numbers, guide to angels, archangels, 111, 11:11, 444, 1212, 333, Ultimate Guide to Angel Numbers, synchronicities


In order to interpret Angel Numbers we must first understand what the basic meaning of the numbers are.  Much of this is rooted in the numerology that has been a part of our world for thousands of years. 

What is numerology? 


Numerology is the pseudoscientific belief in a divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal,  alongside astrology and similar to divinatory arts.

The Angels use our deep connection and history with the vibration and historical meanings of numbers to send us messages.  It is their way of communicating directly to you!  So, pay attention to what you see.  


0   The angel number 0 represents the DIVINE! A spiritual journey with deep connections to the divine "I AM".  It is the source of creation at it's purest form or God. 

1    A sign of New Beginnings, positivity, optimism, Leadership, great changes are coming for your life, opening to new energies & vibrations, new adventures, new phases of your life, career or business may be on the horizon and manifestation!.

2   This is the number of the twins, gemini, it revolves around two, a partnership, cooperation, polarity, association with other, balance of the yin/yang, dualism, positive/negative. This number is about finding balance and creating unity in your life.  The Chinese believe that good things come in pairs, it's considered a number of good luck!

3  The angel number 3 is all about the heart, spirituality, guidance, direction, intervention from above, love of the creator, angels, masters and guides, trinity, all that is holy, it is a divine number that represent creation of life, being connected to a higher power, alignment, time to go within.

4  The angel number 4 is the ULTIMATE number of all angel numbers, the number of ANGELS!  Spiritual number, love, support, divine guidance from the Archangels, Guardian angels, influence from higher sources!  spirit is providing your support, encourage and love.  It's a number meaning stability, strength, confidence and support. 

5  This is the number that represents FUN!  it's about excitement, adventure, curiosity, freedom, energy and vitality for the journey or challenge, your life path, freedom to choose, independence.  embarking on a journey of the unknown like THE FOOL card in Tarot: BIDDY TAROT has a great explanation of the FOOL Card

6  The number 6 is represents reflection, re-assessment, revaluation.  This numbers says its time to take a look at things in your life.  Are you out of balance?  Are your thoughts, goals, dreams in alignment for your highest good?  Take a deep look at your surroundings, people and influences. 

7  The number 7 represents spiritual development, awakening, intuition, the pursuit of knowledge.  Its a number of growth and expansion!  Tapping into your true soul nature, higher-self and Angels for growth. 

8 The number 8 represents financial prosperity, abundance, achievement and success.  You are in the zone of Manifesting what you want in life.  It's an amazing number the angels are bringing your way as a reminder to succeed.

9 The number 9 represents the significance of completion, preparation, new beginning.  You are completing some cycle in your soul journey and its time to prepare for a brand new phase in life. 



This is the most in demand angel number of all!  THE NUMBER OF ASCENSION.....The big daddy of ANGEL NUMBERS is 444.  Everyone loves it and it has such important meaning. 444 is all about your DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE!  It means spirit hears you and you are receiving assistance.  It's about your connecting to higher states of being and your connection to other beings in the galaxy like Archangels, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and God or Creation. 


 1111 is one of the most high vibrational angel numbers out there.  It is a number of DIVINITY!  This high vibe MASTER NUMBER has a basis of meaning that revolves around divinity, onesness, connection to all that is or creation.  It's a DREAMY number, that signifies possiblity through dreaming, manifesting, growing, healing.  


 This is the number of change and NEW BEGINNINGS! This is a number all about your path and the movement of change in your life.  It signals new beginnings are on the horizon.  The number 222 is telling you it's time to find balance & focus in your life so you can get ready for a new emergence!


 This is the number of change and NEW BEGINNINGS! This is a number all about your path and the movement of change in your life.  It signals new beginnings are on the horizon.  The number 222 is telling you it's time to find BALANCE AND FOCUS in your life so you can get ready for a new emergence!


 When you see the number 333 is it time for reflection!  Are you really being true to yourself?  This number is all about SELF TRUTH.  


 The angel number 911 carries a powerful vibration and message, blending the energies and attributes of the numbers 9, 1, and the Master Number 11. It clearly means endings and conclusions in your life are here but there is also New Beginnings and possibilities on the horizon.  It signifies that transformation is coming or is in swing!


The angel number 1234 is a powerful sequence that carries significant meaning, particularly in the realms of personal development, growth, and spiritual progress. This sequence is often interpreted as a step-by-step process or journey that involves progression and evolution.

Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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