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Would you like to work with me One-on-One?

Divine Guidance for your life is transformational.  The spiritual path is always a journey, but a beautiful journey of growth & transformation.  We are in unprecented times on earth as people ascend into beings of a higher dimension, 5D.  ARE YOU READY?

  • Are you seeking personalized coaching to navigate your spiritual path, ascension symptoms, learning meditation or a daily spiritual practice?
  • Are you an Empath needing help, wanting to develop your psychic abilities, learn divination to communicate with your spirit team?
  • Are you ready to connect & work with your Angels, Guides & Higher Self on your own?
  • Do you need guidance for Healing your life, relationships, and finding purpose?
  • Are you wanting to understand Past lives, starseed stuff, who you are as a soul, incarnation, how to protect your energy, why you are going through all this stuff on earth?

Here's a list of the SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE I can provide:

  • Spiritual awakening & spiritual ascension process & symptoms
  • Meditation practice, spiritual practice, energetic & psychic protection
  • Developing spiritual connections, questions about angels, guides, higher self
  • Empath training (clearing, protecting, grounding and direction for this gift)
  • Psychic development, Divination of all kinds, mediumship and channeling
  • Energy healing questions (clearing blocks, karma, vibes, chakras, aura, reiki, violet flame, cord cutting)
  • Healing & Transforming your life, past trauma, past lives, karmic energy, akashic records
  • Starseed stuff of all kinds (soul, soul purpose, soul groups, reincarnation, galaxy, starbeings)
angel coaching, spiritual coaching, spiritual awakening

50 Minute Spiritual Coaching Session

One-on-One LIVE 60 Minute Personal Spiritual Coaching Session with Holly by Zoom, Phone or Skype


angel coaching, spiritual coaching, spiritual awakening

3 Session Package 50 Minute

Spiritual Coaching Sessions 

One-on-One LIVE 60 Minute Personal Spiritual Coaching Session with Holly by Zoom, Phone or Skype


Hello Soul Friend,

I am Holly Bailey, Angelic Channeler, Psychic Medium and Certified Spiritual Coach.  Ive been working with Angel's and spirit for 20 years and I can help you to charter the water with YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  With my many years of experience and a large spiritual support team I can bring forth the guidance and support you need, answer your questions, give you direction for healing your life, finding purpose by answering questions for your spiritual path!   I can help you create a meditation and spiritual practice, or energetic healing practice for true spiritual growth.

**Please pay at the time of scheduling to hold your position. All forms of payment are accepted: paypal, apple pay, all credit cards and debit cards. 

**48 hours is required to reschedule if life gets in the way.  Policy for NO SHOW is I will wait up to 15 minutes.  Your time slot will be held for 15 minute, refunds are not available at this time.   Remaining time will be honored for the scheduled session. 

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Must be 18 years of age, legal adult. & Holly Bailey provides Spiritual Life Coaching, Training, Intuitive mediumship Readings, Angelic Reiki Healings & Self Development products and services. Purchasing the Products & Services from ArchAngel Wisdom & Holly Bailey means you agree to the terms & conditions stated.

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