Refund Policy

Refunds on Readings, Healings and Digital Downloads or not available at this time due to the nature of the product.  The Angels and I work very hard to offer VALUABLE guidance & support to all and for the best & highest good of your soul so you are 100% satisfied.  Please remember, Channeled messages come directly from SPIRIT: via Archangels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self, not from me unless I state in the reading this is what I picked up with my personal psychic abilities outside of the Angels.

Please make sure before you purchase you have the right reading or healing for what you need.  Please read the FULL DESCRIPTION as to what you will receive in a reading, healing, course or product.  If you have questions and need assistance with which reading, healing, or product to purchase you can email me:

Holly at

I look forward to offering you great Guidance & Support from the Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Souls & Pets on the other side you wish to contact.

Love & Light      Holly Bailey  (Creator & Owner of