Pet Services

I offer 4 different Pet Readings and Healing Services.  The Angels love pets as much as we do, yes they do think they are just as cute and loveable as we do too.  Some of them have specialities in veterinarian skills and work alot with the animal kingdom here on earth.  Angel's actually play an integral part of the animal kingdom and their survival!  

I offer Pet Readings for both living and deceased pets, also MULTIPLE PETS in the home readings to help understand what's going on with their relationships.  This is great if you have pets that are not getting along, or fighting alot, they are just like we are and have interpersonal conflicts that may need resolving.  

Pet's also have an AKASHIC RECORD, everyone and everything does!  So, the Angels can look at their Past lives, tell you if you have had other lives with your pets which is common.  They can do healing in their Akashic Records if they have trauma from abuse or neglect.  They also can assist with Pet's death and what may have happened.  This is very helpful for those who have a pet that suddenly died and you want clarity to know why or what transpired in the death event.


pet reading, pet healing, psychic pet reading
pet reading, pet healing, psychic pet reading, pet reiki healing


(living or crossed over)

30 Minute Pet Reading

Energetic cords are silvery cords we develop through the years from family, relationships, situations, events, bosses, coworkers and more.  They can be quite troublesome, causing all kinds of unwanted symptoms. 


Remove unwanted cords of attachment, feel relief, lighter, free from the past, emotional release of truama, more positive, less anger, less memories and unwanted dreams. 


pet reading, pet healing, psychic pet reading, pet reiki healing



Pets are ENERGY too!  They benefit from healing just like we do.  The Angels love pets just as much as we do and they can help if your pet needs healing. 

This is a Healing Session where an Angel visits your pet while they are sleeping and does their magic!  If you have  pet in need angelic healing is one of the best options available.

HEALING REPORT INCLUDED, sent to your Email in a PDF from Archangel Raphael.   


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pet reading, pet healing, psychic pet reading, pet reiki healing


30 Minutes MP3 Voice Reading

Are  your pets fighting?  Do they have jealousy & relationships battles?  Would you like to know how they feel about each other?  How to improve their situation? 

Pets have relationship drama just like we do and sometimes they dont get along.  Gain insights & clarity into what is going on in your house & even ways you can improve their relationships with each other. 


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pet reading, pet healing, psychic pet reading, pet reiki healing


Has your pet been with you in a Past Life?

Our Pets have a Soul Journey just like we do & many times we feel deep connections like at  a soul level because it actually is.  Pets love to have many lives with us if will let them.

Learn if you and your pet have had a Past Life or more than one together, find out 3 of their amazing past lives, who they were, where they lived.


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**Please pay at the time of scheduling to hold your position. All forms of payment are accepted: paypal, stripe, apple pay, all credit cards and debit cards. 

**Please courteously allow 48 hours for rescheduling in the event it is needed.  

These services are not meant to replace legal, financial, psychiatric or medical services.  Please consult a licensed professional for these services.  I am not a medical or licensed physican, docotor or psychiatrist, who can diagnose or treat.  All Products & Services are for informational , personal & spiritual development & entertainment purposes only. You are agreeing that ArchAngel Wisdom and the owner will not be held liable as a result.  Please read the Disclaimer and Terms of Service Page at the bottom.


I am Holly, a Psychic Medium,  Angelic Channeler & Energy Healer who works with The Archangels, Guardian Angels, Helper Angels, and Spirit guides. I am a strong medium who can talk to Angels, Spirit Guides, family & friends, Pets on the other side.  I can help with your life by providing you with channeled information directly from SPIRIT for whatever you may need.  You can read about me here >  ABOUT ME