Thank You for your interest in a Reading or Healing Session.  

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions to help you.

What Should you expect from a channeled Reading Session with the Archangels, Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides?

You can expect to receive honest, truthful, loving and compassionate guidance to answer your LIFE QUESTIONS that are for your highest good and the best path for your life.  My Spirit Team and yours will come together with the Angels to give you the HIGHEST & MOST ACCURATE GUIDANCE you could possibly receive.  


How do I schedule a Reading or Healing Session?

Go to the SHOP and Choose the Reading or Healing you want, then Add to Cart, Pay through Paypal or Stripe

For EMAIL & MP3 Voice  READINGS:  Choose the Reading you want, Pay for it, Complete the Reading Form with your questions and that's it.  You will receive your reading within 3 to 5 BUSINESS DAYS, except during Holidays

For Angelic HEALING Sessions:

Choose the HEALING SESSION you want, PAY FOR IT and I WILL CONTACT YOU THROUGH EMAIL or BY PHONE to schedule the NIGHT you would like it performed during your sleeping hours.  ALL SESSIONS are performed during sleeping hours because YOU CAN FEEL IT, we live in a physical body and this scares some people to feel things moving they cant see.  The Angels need you to be LYING down and STILL for these healings.


Is an Online Reading or Healing Session as effective as an in person session?

ABSOLUTELY!   Energy has no boundaries of time and space.  The Angels & Guides can see ALL, anywhere, at anytime.  Even if you are across the world from me, it makes no difference, it does not affect the reading or it's accuracy.  

Same exact way for HEALING SESSIONS, distance healing are distant from me, but the ANGELS VISIT YOU IN PERSON, so it is a LIVE HEALING SESSION and you receive a HEALING REPORT with all the information about your body and healing directly from the Angel would performed your session. 

MY READINGS ARE ONLINE delivered by MP3 Voice Recording, Email PDF or Video

HEALING REPORTS are sent via EMAIL PDF for you to read.


What options are available for Online, Remote or Email Readings?

I offer readings by Email PDF or MP3 Voice Record,  so you can save your reading FOREVER if you want!

I will be offering soon LIVE ZOOM and FACEBOOK MESSENGER readings. 

What if I just have a QUICK QUESTION I need answered fast?


Some Clients just need a QUICK QUESTION answered fast.  They may have a crisis situation and really need help NOW!  

CHOOSE:  1, 2 or 3 Questions - sent to your Email in 24 HOURS



How do I Prepare for a Energy Healing Session & What is Involved?

You will receive a GUIDE once you place your ORDER for a Healing Session that is specific to that Healing Session.  The Guide will tell you what to expect and how to prepare the day of the session.  

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Life Happens!  To honor everyone's time and busy schedule cancellations for LIVE READINGS & SESSIONS require

a  24 HOUR NOTICE for rescheduling.  You may reschedule Reading or Session at future time.  Refunds are not available

at this time for Reading and Healing Sessions.   

Do I need to Meditate to do a Reading or Healing Session?

No.  You do not need to meditate unless you want to.  Feeling relaxed can help make the reading more pleasurable, but it is not necessary.  

I do all the of the ENERGY WORK & CONNECTION required to do the reading, communicate with Spirit and receive the guidance you need.