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The Magic of Cord Cutting & Clearing your Energy Field with Archangel Michael!

The Magic of Cord Cutting is a true gift from the spiritual world.  It is a Spiritual Healing Practice that will significantly improve your spiritual and energetic health.  It is so IMPORTANT, that the most powerful Archangel every known, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, is the primary angelic overseer for this energetic help.  

You hear about cutting cords everywhere these days because of it's well known benefits for improving your life and healing so many different aspects of your energetic and human beingness!  You are a complicated and intricate soul in a human body that requires care to stay healthy.

With the mass SPIRITUAL AWAKENING that is happening on Earth today Cord Cutting has become one of the most sought out healing methods.  You are ENERGY & your energy body sustains your life so it is even more important than your physical body!

If you are looking to establish boundaries, reclaim your power, or to break free from the past and to move forward with renewed clarity and strength, CORD CUTTING CAN HELP!

In this article you will Learn:

  • How Cords of Attachment can negatively affect your life!
  • What is Cord Cutting?
  • How to know if you have negative attachments?
  • What are the many benefits of Cord Cutting? 
  • The Power of Archangel Michael & Cord Cutting!
  • Archangel Michael Blue Fire Meditation!


We are finally starting to understand just how important our ENERGY FIELD is and how crucial energetic health is to our journey of being a human on Earth.

It's no secret now that Cords of Attachments can severely impact your life in a negative way, especially if they are negative or highly charged traumatic cords.  

  • Emotional and Energetic Influences: Negative energetic cords can seriously impact your mind, body and soul.  These unhealthy cords of attachment can cause unwanted stress, anxiety, emotional imbalance, depression, loneliness and an inability to move your life forward in a positive direction.  
  • Physical and Mental Influences: Negative cords of attachment can also impact your physical and mental state by storing this "SPIDER WEB OF ENERGY" in your energy field.  This energetic web or bond connected to your physical body can manifest all kinds of unwanted ill symptoms and conditions that affect your overall well-being and quality of life.

It is so important for your Health & Wellbeing to have a health energy field and that starts with clearing all of the ENERGETIC JUNK attached to you!  Cleaning up your CHAKRAS & AURA is the first step to being free of energetic debris, memories and emotions of the past.  Having Archangel Michael cut all of the cords is the solution!

ANGEL  TIP: Working with Angels just takes practice!  When you first start you may feel a little bit of resistance but as you practice more you will start to know that the Angels are present and it is working.  You will gain CONFIDENCE!

REMEMBER:  If you call them they will come!  All of my videos, my website and blog posts are attuned to Angelic energy.

As you are reading this article now, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL KNOWS IT!  I work him everyday, so he is always watching. He sees every person who follows me, reads my blog, watches my videos, buys a reading or healing etc.! 

Archangel Michael, protection, cord cutting, psychic protection, archangel michael reading, angel healing, energy healing

What is Cord Cutting & The Amazing Benefits For Healing your Life?

What is Cord Cutting?

Cord Cutting is a spiritual healing practice for removing "SILVERY ENERGY CORDS" that connect us to people, places, situations, emotions of the past,  spiritual beings or anything in our world we have attached our energy too. 

Energy is conscious and living! Thoughts, feelings, emotions & memories are the INFORMATION OF THE SOUL!  These cords carry or hold the information of a particular person, place, event, interactions, experience etc...  


You are a spiritual energetic SOUL IN A BODY.  You form connections by having relationships, interactions, engagements with others whether that be positive or negative experiences.  

The strength of these silvery cords vary greatly depending on the emotional charge and depth of the connection to a person, place, or situation.


FOR EXAMPLE:  A person may have an energetic cord of attachment to the their FIRST LOVE in High School.   So, these energetic cords of information continually bring memories, feelings, emotions of the past to you now that no longer exists anymore. When if feels impossible to stop thinking about someone or something it is likely that you have a cord of attachment.  

How to know if you have negative cords of Attachment?  

If you finding yourself living in the past, constantly having thoughts of it, thinking of the EX LOVE and struggling to stop thinking of them.  Remembering trauma, heartbreak etc. like you are reliving it today.

Here is a list of the SIGNS of having Cords of Attachment?

  • Negative Emotions: Feelings of sadness, anger, resentment, or bitterness towards someone that linger long after interactions.
  • Fatigue: Feeling tired or drained, especially after thinking about or interacting with a specific person or place.
  • Difficulty Moving On: Inability to let go of past relationships or experiences, even when you consciously want to move forward.
  • Obsessive Thoughts: Frequently thinking about a person or situation obsessively, despite attempts to let go and focus on other things.
  • Recurring Life Patterns: Experiencing the same unwanted situations or relationships over and over, despite the efforts to change.
  • Emotional Turbulence: Experiencing sudden mood swings or emotional states that seem to come from nowhere, especially when they relate to thoughts of specific individuals or past events.
  • Physical Discomfort: Unexplained physical symptoms in the chest (heart chakra) or stomach (solar plexus), when thinking about or interacting with someone.
  • Feeling Stuck: A sense of stagnation or being stuck in your life, particularly in areas related to relationships, career, or personal growth.
  • Intuition or Dreams: Having intuitive feelings or dreams about a person or situation that bring up strong emotions or bad memories of trauma.
  • Trouble Setting Boundaries: Finding it hard to SAY NO or maintain boundaries with certain people, feeling like they have an emotional or energetic hold over you.
  • Sudden Changes in Behavior or Feelings: Acting out of character or experiencing sudden shifts in feelings or attitudes when you think about or are around certain people or environments.
  • Feeling Controlled : A sense of not being in control of your emotions or actions when it comes to certain relationships or situations.

Cord cutting is a powerful tool for those looking to heal and improve your life on many levels.  It's like SETTING YOU FREE FROM THE PAST by offering a pathway to a more balanced, healthy, and fulfilling existence.

Now, let's talk about the BENEFITS OF CORD CUTTING!

What are the benefits to Cord Cutting?

The are so many benefits to CORD CUTTING for healing your mind, body and soul! Emotional, Spiritual and Physical...

Here is an extensive list of the how Cutting Cords can help you:

  • Release & Healing Emotions: Cord Cutting can help release past traumas that enables healing from grief, resentment, and other heavy emotions that maybe tied to past relationships or life experiences.
  • Energy Level Improvements: Cord cutting can release what no long serves your life and help you to return to a health energy level!  This freedom and renewal for your life can lead to increased energy and vitality.  
  • Mental Health Improvements: Helps to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress by removing the emotional connection that negative attachments can cause.
  • Spiritual Growth & Development: The clearing of energetic blockages can trigger a spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.  This allows for a deeper deeper connection to your Guides, Angels and even your higher self. 
  • Increased Clarity and Focus: This healing process can remove mental fog and mental & emotional exhaustion from this weight of attachment's in your energy field.  This clearer thinking and emotional freedom can help you make better emotional decisions as a result of having this clear mental state of being.  
  • Healthier Relationships: When you release these past negative attachments, it frees your life and opens it up to healthier relationships & personal connections in your life today.    
  • Self-Empowerment: The beginning steps to reclaiming your personal powerful is this energetic freedom from the past.  You will feel more in control of your future, life, career, love and relationships.
  • Inner Peace and Harmony: Cord Cutting releases that energetic connection for good that no longer serves your life giving you the feeling of freedom from your past and a better sense of inner peace and harmony.
  • Physical Health Improvements: Improvements in physical health is a common benefit of cord cutting.  The energetic body directly affects the physical body!  If the energy body is weighted down and not functioning correctly, eventually physical symptoms of illness can surface.  Your energy body sustains your life! 
  • Increased Self-awareness: Clearing all of the junk from the past and freeing your energy body from it is like a new found beginning for your life.  It will help you to understand yourself better and really begin to learn about who you really are as a soul.  
  • New Opportunities Emerging: Once those old ties are removed, you will find new opportunities bein to emerge in your life overtime slowly.  It is like taking baby steps toward a new beginning for your life! It's you tell the Universal field and creation that you are ready for a happier and more meaningful existence.  

Archangel Michael, protection, cord cutting, psychic protection, archangel michael reading, angel healing, energy healing

The Magic Of Archangel Michael & His Powerful Ability for Cord Cutting & Healing your Energy!

YES, The one and only Archangel Michael is here to save the day!  I say this with a great smile and even a bit of humor.  I love Archangel Michael, he is one of the most amazing Angels I have had the privilege of working with in my years of working with Angels.

He is a Strong & Powerful, Supportive & Caring Angelic Soul and Is Truly Your Greatest Supporter & Prime Protector!

Archangel Michael, a figure of protection and power, but he also plays a humanitarian role in the transformative process of Cord Cutting & Clearing negative energy and negative attachments. 

When you think of him, you see his MIGHTY SWORD & SHIELDS capable of cutting through negative attachments, for those unwanted silvery cords of attachments from the past that no longer serve your HIGHEST GOOD!

He is all of that and MORE!   Archangel Michael's abilities of cord cutting, releasing fear and negativity, removing the old and opening your life to new possibilities can provide you with STRENGTH, COURAGE, and SELF BELIEF to move your life forward in on a positive path in life!  



Archangel Michael's presence brings a profound sense of safety and strength, guiding us through the emotional landscape of letting go and assisting in the energetic severance of ties that no longer serve your HIGHEST GOOD.

When you invite him in to come and release you from these cords of attachment, you are embarking on a NEW JOURNEY OF LIBERATION & HEALING for your life! 

He wants to help you in anyway he can so that you can have the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, the LOVE OF YOUR DREAMS and truly live your best life now and today.  He wants to see you empower your life and will help you to choose the RIGHT PATH for your future if you just ask him to.

The start of this is by letting go and removing those unhealthy energetic attachments that have likely been with your for years!  Maybe even from childhood!  

I hope this article will help you to understand how powerful Archangel Michael is and how his magical ability for Cord Cutting can truly change your life!


"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now to heal my energy field and aura by removing any cords of attachment from my life.  Please help me to move on from the past and clear & release unwanted emotions and memories that no longer serve my life today.  I ask that you clear me now from all that needs removing and open my life to the new of a beautiful tomorrow. Please bring your loving angelic guidance and fill me with your magical white light angelic energy. 

Thank you with loving gratitude.  (and so it is! )

Archangel Michael, protection, cord cutting, psychic protection, archangel michael reading, angel healing, energy healing


The Blue Light Ray of Archangel Michael is one of the most powerful light rays out there.  He glows with his divine electric blue light and will infuse your body with his Angelic energy. 

You can attune yourself to this Blue Fire Light Ray by listening to my video below that I created with him a few years back.  Hope you enjoy it!

Here is my video from YouTube and the link if you want to see other meditation videos I have created.

I hope this Cord Cutting blog posts has help to educate you on the importance of clearing and shielding your energy. I wish you the Best on your Spiritual Journey and LIFE!

Best Wishes, Love & Light ...


Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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