Archangel Michael

Channeled Angelic Reading 

or Healing Session

with Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael is the King of the Angelic World, the protector of earth and souls!   

  • guidance for your love, soul mate, relationships, family situations, friendship 
  • psychic protection, removal & protection from negative forces and people 
  • insights for our life purpose, direction, soul path, achievement, career or business success
  • clearing & cord cutting, healing energetic imbalances in your energy field
  • having a better understanding of your life path and support for making decisions
  • improving your thinking, concentrations and mental clarity by clearing energetic imbalances
  • increase your energy by channeling powerful angel energy through your chakras
  • Assisting you in removing blockages in the brain or energy body
  • raising your energetic vibration, improving the flow of light energy into your energy system
  • removing past traumas energy blocks and negative thought patterns
  • increasing clarity in your thinking, purpose and path in your life
  • relieving pain, healing injuries and physical ailments 
  • calming the mental body and relieving anxiety, depression and stress
  • improve your overall wellness and quality of life, clarity and purpose

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is the most powerful angel in our universe.  He is the leader of Angels, manager and protector of the earth and all the souls it inhabits.  He is a supreme & powerful highly advanced Celestial light being who guides, protects and leads human souls in their journey and lessons encountered through lifetimes on earth.  He loves everyone with open heart and unconditional love for all that we are.

Archangel Michael is also a Powerful Energy Healer. One of his prime abilities is clearing and removing energetic cords and attachments to relationships, family, friends, coworker or situations that no longer serve us!  He is an amazing HEALER!  He also has many other talents, like removing negative entities from the body, clearing the chakras and energy body, clearing the mind & negative thoughts and so many more healing abilities!

BUT WAIT that's not all, he also loves to help you because he is from the love of creation.  Angels are LOVE...  He is divine and full of love, compassion and understanding for your life journey, even through the most difficult of challenges.  

Archangel Michael wants you to be happy, loved, successful and fulfilled in your life journey's so he works hard to communicate directly through human channels or Psychic Mediums & Healers to provide the much needed Healing & guidance for your life.