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Archangel Michael is the most powerful Angel known to humans.  He has a rich history of being one of greatest Angelic supporters you can call for help.  One of his greatest talents is protecting you from harm, supporting you in times of challenge in your life, cutting cords of attachment that do not serve your better interest, healing your life & helping you to manifest what you want for your highest good.  If you want his help you simply need to CALL OR INVOKE him and there are many ways you can do this. 

When you need protection & support in your life he is a great choice for calling in an Archangel.  The Angels love you and are always ready and willing to come to your side when you really need them! 

There are many ways to call or "INVOKE" him for assistance & support.  Prayer is a great choice, along with affirmations, mantras, meditation and energetic attunements.  Whatever you choose, they all work!  Whatever you believe is perfectly fine, Archangel Michael loves us all. 

The POWER OF PRAYER is undeniable!  When you set the CONSCIOUS INTENTION with praying you are opening the door and inviting in the help you need.  

Prayer is energy work!  It has the energetic power to transform your life by helping you through trying life challenges, giving you hope, giving you strength to persevere in the face of challenge and connecting you to the spiritual support that's ready & willing to come to hear your call and help!

Below are 7 Powerful Prayers that you can use to call in Archangel Michael for many different things in your life.  I hope that you love them!  You can change them to fit your specific situation and what you feel comfortable with.

ANGEL  TIP:  I work with the Archangel's everyday and have been for many years now.  So, all of my videos, my website and blog posts are attuned to Angelic knowing.  

If you are reading this now, the Archangels know it!  They see every person who follows me, reads my blog, watches my videos, buys a reading or healing etc.! 

At the end of this blog post you will also find my YouTube Video for attuning to protection with Archangel Michael!  I created this with his help, so you feel angelic presence from listening to it.

How to use Prayer in your life & When to use it!

Everyone is unique in the way they choose to believe, pray, meditate or work with Angels, Spirits, Guides & Ascended Masters.  

Prayer is energy work blended with your conscious intention!

You can use Prayer in 3 of the most important aspects of your life:  Health, Wealth & Relationships.  These 3 areas of your life are the most important to you and sometimes pose the hardest challenges.

You can use Prayer for yourself and your life struggles and you can also use it for helping your family or those that you really love, friends who need support or even larger societal issues you feel that need angelic intervention.

FOR EXAMPLE: I do call on Angels for myself when I really need help,  but I also ask them to help with serious situations like what is present in my STATE & CITY of residence.  We have a huge issue with children in Foster Care in Indiana where I live.  It is really a very serious problem here and I called Archangel Michael and asked him to please help the children in my state that need homes. 

I have called him for co-workers who family are in crisis with health or financial situations.  The Angels really love it when we choose to not just help ourselves but to also help other people!  I assure you if you CALL THEM THEY WILL COME!   If you ask them to help they will. 

Here is a Quicklist of some Reasons you may INVOKE & Use Prayer with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL:

  • you need protection from spirits or humans
  • you want more spiritual support in your life
  • You want to clear your energy of anything that shouldn't be there
  • You need help with love & family relationships situations
  • You need to clear your home of something
  • You want to do spiritual work, card readings, pendulum etc.
  • You want to remove blocks that could be holding you back
  • You want to work with Archangel Michael because you love him
  • You love Angels
  • You need healing for your health or someones elses
  • You want to remove cords of attachment to the past or others
  • You want to shield your energy from negativity or bad situations
  • You want to help others in need in society for a just cause
  • You want to help pets or animals that are struggling or in danger

This is just a few of the main reasons you could call Archangel Michael but there are many more.  

Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael prayers, protection, cord cutting, psychic protection, archangel michael reading


You can adapt these invocations prayers or affirmations to whatever your belief system is.  Change them to what you feel comfortable with.

Always end your prayers or affirmations with gratitude & appreciation for how hard the Angels work for your highest good!


"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now and request your loving Strength & Protection.  Please removal all darkness, negativity, fear & limiting beliefs that surround me now.  I ask that you clear my body, aura and my home from any unwanted energy or presence.  Please infuse my soul with  your powerful courage & strength so my light may shine.   I ask that you shield me from unnecessary negative people or energy for my highest good."  

Thank you with loving gratitude & appreciation.  (and so it is!   or   Amen!)


"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now and request your courage, strength & support for my new day.  I call you to come forth and guide me so that I may receive your blessings & positive direction to have a safe, productive & beautiful journey, today! Please bring people & positive situations into my path that are for my highest good."

Thank you with loving gratitude & appreciation for supporting me.  (and so it is!   or   Amen!)


"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now as I lay down to rest to watchover & protect me from the night & darkness . Please guide my dreams & thoughts so I may sleep peacefully knowing you are present to be my divine protector.  I ask that you clear my mind from worry & thoughts, and calm my heart so I may be at peace as this day comes to an end.  Please shower me with love & protection for my highest good so that I may sleep peacefully.

Thank you with loving gratitude & appreciation for supporting me.  (and so it is!   or   Amen!)


"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now to lift my energy & life so that I may live now for my absolute highest good.  Please remove and release any obstacle or blocks that are standing in my way.  I ask that bring your powerful & loving presence to banish any fear & doubt that hinders my success.  Please help to release all that should not be and call in divine white light so I can be aligned with my life purpose today.

Thank you with loving gratitude & appreciation for supporting me.  (and so it is!   or   Amen!)


"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now to heal my energy field and aura to release any emotional blocks and trauma that need to be released.  Please help me to move on from the past and clear memories that no longer serve my life now.  I ask that you clear me from all that needs to be let go and open my life to a beautiful tomorrow.  Please bring your loving angelic guidance to show me the way to a healthier & happier state of being. 

Thank you with loving gratitude & appreciation for supporting me.  (and so it is!   or   Amen!)


"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now to come and support those that I love.  Please help my family & friends in their time of dire need.  I ask that you support them in their challenges so that they may overcome all that stands before them.  Please give them your angelic strength, courage & support at this time, as they truly need you.  I ask that you shower them with divine blessings of health and happiness for their highest good. 

Thank you with loving gratitude & appreciation for supporting me.  (and so it is!   or   Amen!)



"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now to bring your shields of strength to clear my home and space.  Please remove any unwanted spiritual presence from me, my family, and my living space.  I ask that you clear all of my spaces and fill them with your pure divine white light from the heavens.  Please bless my home & family for true safety, security and protection for our highest good.

Thank you with loving gratitude & appreciation for supporting me.  (and so it is!   or   Amen!)


This Strong & Powerful, supportive & caring Angelic soul is truly your greatest supporter & prime protector!

Below you can listen to the YOUTUBE video attunement I created to connect you to Archangel Michael. 

Best Wishes, Love & Light ...


Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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