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Archangel Michael is the most well known angel of our Universe.  There’s not a soul on this planet who doesn’t know who he is. The leader of The Archangels, Archangel Michael is the king of the angelic world. He is the leader of the Archangels, Manager & Protector of the earth and all of the souls that inhabit this planet.  

He is a supreme and highly powerful advanced celestial angelic being who guides, protects, heals and leads human souls in their journey for learning lessons and soul growth on earth.  

He is an angel of integrity, courage, strength and truth.  He is a supreme healer with the most advanced capabilities of energy in our universe.

 You can read about his history through time here on WIKIPEDIA.  There is a great overview of the history of Archangel Michael from the beginning of time.   Here’s the link…

This Archangel has quite an enormous job when it comes to his duties and dedication to our existence and this planet.  He has so many talents I can not begin to tell you how wonderful he is.  

I have seen him perform miracles for clients in mind, body and soul.  I have witnessed him clearing nasty spirits from people and their homes so they can live a peaceful life. 

In this article I will explain how he can help you tremendously with your life.  I will provide an Archangel Michael invocation and prayer so you also can start working with him to transform your life right now today.  

I work with Archangel Michael on a daily basis and he is one of my very favorite angels when it comes to protection, guidance, healing and the energy system.

I am a medium and psychic who works with the angelic realm solely as I just love the angels and have quite an affinity for them.  They are great friends and a wonderful support system for your life if you choose to invite them in and accept their energetic miracles for a happier and healthier life.


There are so many angels in our world we can not even come close to the concept of how many.  There’s a huge world within our world we cant see!  And there’s a massive galaxy and universe we are all a part of that is full of life, so much life.  

Angels are the primary energetic beings in our universe.  They take care of it, manage it, keep it clean, keep it working for all of us human souls so we can live here on this planet and have a soul journey filled with experiences. 

Angels are so abundant and so readily available to us that I believe it is time for humans to really understand and learn more about them.

They have stressed to me in my mediumship work with them that they really wish humans could hear them and see them as much as we want to hear and see them. They really like us as much as we like them!  

archangel michael, who is Archangel Michael, angel reading, angel protection, angel healing, the king of the Archangels

Angels are souls just like we are just in a different form.  It is their sovereign duty to care for human souls and this planet. Sent here by the Creator, they come with love, understanding and support for all we go through in this physical life because sometimes it is really tough.  

Believe me, it’s no easier for ANGELS to see us struggle than it is to struggle, they have feelings too and love just as we do.

When you embark on the journey of working with Angels you can expect your life to transform.  It’s almost like MAGIC!  ENERGETIC MAGIC!  

They can do wonderful things for our energy, our physical body, or mental state and even just being a wonderful spiritual support system.  They can help you to manifest whatever it is you want for your life.  

They can do so much for you it’s almost hard to comprehend, actually almost impossible because we are limited somewhat in the physical body.


To work with angels, it starts with AN INVOCATION.  This is a CALL, where you call them to come and help you.  Just like when you make a phone call to a friend for help, same thing!

They can’t help you if you don’t call them, we are beings of FREE WILL!  There is a universal law in our world regarding FREE WILL and if we choose to go this life all alone without their support that is our choice.

It’s all up to you!  If you choose to embrace your spiritual support team and spiritual confidants well that is also readily available to you and they are waiting.



One of the main abilities ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is known for is his amazing power to PROTECT from harm and negative forces on the planet.  He is also well known for his CORD CUTTING abilities to remove energetic cords of attachments to our energy fields.

Caring and compassionate but also masculine and assertive, he gets the job done when it comes to energetic clearing & the chakras, life purpose, love, confidence & self-esteem, protection, clearing spirits & negative entities and so much more!   


He has one of the most advanced energetic bodies in our universe and can be everywhere all at once.  It’s hard for us to comprehend that but just know that he is all over the world at all times answering calls from human souls.


So I decided to just let ARCHANGEL MICHAEL tell us personally what he can and will assist us with for healing and clearing our life and health. 

Here is a message I channeled directly from Archangel Michael about just some of what him and the archangels can help us with:


May 2021 by Holly Bailey



There are many ways I can assist you in your current life Dear Ones.  My hope for you is that you will learn how we the Archangels are here to assist you with your life.  We are here to guide and protect but also heal you if you are in need.  Please know, we are always a call away from your presence and do not feel as though you are not important, as you are of the utmost importance to all of us in the angelic world.  Here is quite an extensive list of guidance you can receive from me on a soul level so I am providing you with a short list of what I may help you in your journey, healing and progression in your soul life. Here are just a few of the life situations & healings I can assist you with: 

  • protecting you from harm
  • shielding you from negative forces
  • Giving you courage & strength in your life
  • Find the right love in your life at the right time
  • Healing failed relationships and emotions
  • Assisting you in moving into a love frequency
  • Finding your true purpose in the life
  • Helping you to manifest what it is you want
  • Opening your energy to prosperity and abundance
  • Supporting you through financial struggles
  • Giving you a push to higher levels of achievement and success
  • Aligning your energy to a higher purpose for manifesting
  • Helping to relieve anxiety, depression, stress
  • Helping you to release anger and frustration
  • Raising your vibrations to a higher frequency
  • Helping you to release negative thought patterns
  • Clearing blocks that are holding you back from your highest good and purpose
  • Helping you let go and move on from the past
  • Healing trauma and abuse
  • Clearing and Healing your Chakras and Energy field
  • Opening up to your true nature and psychic abilities
  • Protecting you in your journey on this planet
  • Filling your body with white light and energy
  • Healing and repairing the physical body
  • Connecting you to your higher-self and spirit guides
  • Connecting you to your Guardian Angel
  • Connecting you to loved ones on the other side
  • Helping you to heal from loss and grief
  • Help you to understand why you are here
  • Giving you guidance about past lives and present life
  • Reading your soul contract and timeline
  • Helping you with confidence and self-esteem
  • Giving you support to believe in yourself and your future
  • Helping and supporting you to become all that you can be 
  • Raising your frequency to a higher dimension
  • Helping you live a High Vibration Life
  • Helping you to see past the illusion of 3D
  • Opening you up to the bigger picture of who you really are as a soul
  • Connecting you different LIGHT Rays of energy
  • Connecting you to the Violet Healing Flame
  • Learning about your “SOUL CONTRACT” and Life Timeline
  • Helping you with your children, parents and friend relationships
  • Supporting your through tough times with comfort and friendship
  • Helping you through illness and end of days
  • Carrying you to crossover when you leave this life
  • Assisting your pet’s in crossing over to the other side 

As you can see this list is HUGE and he stated “here's a short list!”.   And this would be the reason why I love to work with the Archangels and angelic world so much...

archangel michael, who is Archangel Michael, angel reading, angel protection, angel healing, the king of the Archangels


You can also use CRYSTALS that are associated with him in doing your meditation, prayers or mantras.  He is known for his ELECTRIC BLUE aura and energy field.  If you are invoking him for the protection you would use protection stones.  

Here are some of the crystals that are associated with Archangel Michael.

  • Lapis Lazuli: protection & shield from negative influences
  • Blue Labradorite: Transformation, confidence, will power and strength
  • Blue Fluorite: relieves anxiety & fear, enhances clarity and focus
  • Sodalite: release the unwanted, express your truth
  • Clear Quartz Crystal: amplify spirit energy
  • Black Obsidian: protection, dissolving negativity, anger, judgement, fear, trauma, criticism

As you can see Archangel Michael is an angel of many talents!  So, it’s best to change your prayers or mantras to ask him for help and make it a bit specific as to what you need.


Here are a few different prayers or mantras you can use for asking Archangel Michael to help you with life guidance, support, healing, protection and more:


Archangel Michael

I call upon you now to come into my life.  Please come and clear my life of that which no longer serves me.  Please protect me from the darkness and bring forth beautiful light into my life. Help me to release the old and have confidence and strength to believe in myself.  I ask that you please help me to manifest positive love and pure healing for all areas of my life so that I may live abundantly.  

Thank you with loving gratitude.


Archangel Michael

I invoke your presence today into my life.  I pray that you will guide and protect me from all that does not serve me in a positive way. Please fill my being with your angelic light so that today will be a beautiful day filled with wonderful possibilities

Thank you with loving gratitude


Archangel Michael

I call upon you now to come into my life.  Please clear the darkness of negativity from my space and make way for your loving angelic light.  I ask that you protect me from all that is not of the light. Please allow the true white light of the heavens to fill my being and surround me now. 

And so it is


I AM loved and accepted by all the angels, especially Archangel Michael

I AM safe and protected always, as Archangel Michael is with me now

I AM abundant with confidence and personal power and always supported by Archangel Michael

I AM loved, supported and healed in mind, body and soul from all of the angels of the heavens

Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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Holly Bailey


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