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Who is Archangel Michael? Leader & Protector of our Universe


Archangel Michael is the Leader of The Archangel’s and most powerful Angel in our Universe.  He is the most well known Archangel in the angelic realm and has many gifts and talents for helping soul’s on their journey.

Archangel Michael is known throughout history in religious texts, by all religions on the planet and by all humans on the planet.  It is unlikely you would ask any person on this planet who Archangel Michael is and they would not know his name.

He is a wise and ancient Archangel, Michael is the “KING OF ANGELS”.  He is the supreme protector and guard for us and our world.  Our own personal spiritual bodyguard, this Archangel banishes negative forces and shields us with “white light”!  

He comes to our call when we are in need, and this means all of us no matter where in the world you are.  So, how is this?  Because he is everywhere at once.  He is the most highly advanced divine celestial being in our Universe.

“You could say Archangel Michael is the 


He has an entire legion of Angels at his side to keep this  planet in order and safe from outside forces.  He is our mighty protector and angelic friend all in one.  

His talents are many and in this biography we will discuss them in detail.

Archangel Michael’s Characteristics

Color:  Bright Blue, Purple, glowing white & silver

Color Ray:  BLUE RAY

Crystal: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Labradorite, Blue Fluorite, Black Obsidian, Sodalite

Zodiac Sign: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries - ruled by the Sun, 

Element is Fire. 

He radiates beautiful electric blue energy!  A high vibrational energetic celestial being, Michael is a strong and assertive character but yet still is patient, loving and kind.  When he is near you can feel the presence of STRENGTH, but also support, caring and incredible unconditional love.  

Sometimes Archangel Michael is bold, charismatic and to the point, and other times he is gentle, compassionate and nurturing.  He carries much patience, understanding and support for what our soul’s go through in this journey of learning, growing and expanding.  We all know, being human is not easy, all the stuff we go through can be a real bear!

He is known for his many abilities including:  to protect, guide, truth, courage & strength, integrity, justice, encouragement, confidence and so much more.  Archangel Michael is one of the easiest and most patient of Archangel’s to work with.  

I work with him almost every day in a multitude of ways including doing readings for clients to help with life direction but also through incredible healing.  I have channeled loved ones on the other side with him, pet souls and pets that have crossed over, helped to remove nasty entities from their body or home, performed clearing and cord cutting, angelic healing just to name a few.  


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A Beginners Guide on how to communicate with Angels


Archangel Michael is undeniably an incredible HEALER also and is known for his amazing abilities to CLEAR ENERGY & CUT CORDS of energetic attachments in the energy body.  These silvery cords of energetic bonds are created by us with our mental, emotional and physical connection to others and situations. He is the King of Cord Cutting!.

 Archangel Michael is the most highly advanced spiritual being in our Universe.  He can be everywhere at once answering millions of calls from human soul’s all over the planet.  

His energy is expansive, encompassing and glorious all in the same.  While he brings true strength and righteousness to all, he also brings a soft side of understanding and love, an angelic love that is powerful and magical all in one.  It is nonjudgmental, pure, enduring and filled with strength and morality and comes with a basis of servitude to all soul’s and their journey.  



In our conversations he has talked to me about how much he loves elephants and that he has saved many of them who were in distress throughout the years.  Archangel Michael has stated that he does fly quite frequently to areas of the world to watch the elephants in herds.  The angels always assist when they can those in the animal kingdom that are in distress, danger or in need of medical attention if they can.

What are Archangels?

Archangels are the most important Angelic leaders, protectors, and supporters of this planet and all of soul’s and creators that inhabit it.  

Archangels are highly advanced divine celestial Angelic beings created to help us and all living souls in our universe.  They are energetic soldiers that work hard for the “GREATER GOOD” of all soul’s.  

They protect us, support us, guide us and want us to succeed in our soul growth, experiences and lessons we choose when we come here to have on planet earth. If you choose it, they will love and support you, guide you and be your closest spiritual friends!

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How can Archangel Michael help you?

Michael is known for being the leader of the Archangel realm.  He is known as the ultimate protector, and that he is but he is so much more than that!  He is also an amazing HEALER!  His energy is strong and I have had amazing help from him in healing my medical problems and that of many of my clients. 

There is an endless list of what Archangel Michael can help you with and I think some of it is way beyond even what our human mind can conceive.  It’s almost mystical and magical in a sense and you just have to trust in the guidance from those around you who work with him everyday that it works.  


SO, I ASKED HIM and HE GAVE ME A DETAILED LIST!  This list was channeled directly from him for you.


BY ME:  Holly Bailey July 2021


Dear Ones, understanding the nature of angels is a journey in itself.  We are always here for you, even when you are unaware of our presence.  This is a journey for your soul to evolve and it was never designed for you to be alone without support.  

So, I say to you, we are here dear ones ready and willing to help you move forward for the betterment of your soul and all that it needs for forward movement.  

Dear Ones, here are just a few of the soul & health situations I can assist you with: 

  • Protecting you from harm
  • Shielding you from negative forces
  • Giving you courage & strength in your life
  • Find the right love in your life at the right time
  • Healing failed relationships and emotions
  • Releasing fear and negativity
  • Assisting you in moving into a love frequency
  • Finding your true purpose in the life
  • Helping you to manifest what it is you want
  • Opening your energy to prosperity and abundance
  • Supporting you through financial struggles
  • Giving you a push to higher levels of achievement and success
  • Aligning your energy to a higher purpose for manifesting
  • Clearing blocks that are holding you back from your highest good and purpose
  • Helping you let go and move on from the past
  • Healing trauma and abuse
  • Helping to relieve anxiety, depression, stress
  • Helping you to release anger and frustration
  • Raising your vibrations to a higher frequency
  • Helping you to release negative thought patterns
  • Clearing and Healing your Chakras and Energy field
  • Opening up to your true nature and psychic abilities
  • Protecting you in your journey on this planet
  • Filling your body with white light and energy
  • Healing and repairing the physical body
  • Connecting you to your higher-self and spirit guides
  • Connecting you to your Guardian Angel
  • Connecting you to loved ones on the other side
  • Helping you to heal from loss and grief
  • Help you to understand why you are here
  • Giving you guidance about past lives and present life
  • Reading your soul contract and timeline
  • Helping you with confidence and self-esteem
  • Giving you support to believe in yourself and your future
  • Helping and supporting you to become all that you can be to the best of your ability
  • Raising your frequency to a higher dimension
  • Helping you live a High Vibration Life
  • Helping you to see past the illusion of 3D
  • Opening you up to the bigger picture of who you really are as a soul
  • Connecting you different LIGHT Rays of energy
  • Connecting you to the Violet Healing Flame
  • Learning about your “SOUL CONTRACT” and Life TIMELINE
  • Helping you with your children, parents and friend relationships
  • Supporting your through tough times with comfort and friendship
  • Helping you through illness and end of days
  • Carrying you to crossover when you leave this life
  • Assisting your pet’s in crossing over to the other side

As you can see, it’s HUGE!  And this is why I love working with Angels.  

My Personal Story of working with Archangel Michael?

I started working with Archangel Michael way back in 2006, over 15 years ago now.  I have a degenerative spine disease that runs in my family and needed surgery on my neck because one of my disks was completely gone and the disk had slipped.

All went well with surgery, but I still had lots of pain, even after I healed.  One day I was searching the internet and came across a book on ANGEL HEALING by Doreen Virtue.  That was the beginning of a new path for me not just for my health but for my life.

Working with energy became a forefront in my life and I embarked on a spiritual journey or what is now called a spiritual awakening path.  I already had natural psychic abilities that were family inherited but WOW did everything start to grow and intensify as I began to work with the angelic realm. 

It truly changed my life from the inside out and today I would have never imagined I could know and communicate with the Universe and all it’s beings in the manner I do now.  

So, when I say “ANGELS CHANGE LIVES”, I truly mean it.  They really do and I have witnessed so many of my clients have total life transformations.  

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How to invoke Archangel Michael for help?

We live an existence that is bound by laws of FREE WILL put in place so that we may have a real, true and authentic experience for our soul to grow and expand.  

The best lessons and growth come from having natural, uninterrupted and real soul experiences, even if they are quite challenging.  This is why we have a UNIVERSAL LAW called "FREE WILL".   

Archangel Michael and all of the Angelic realm are bound by these laws.  They can not and will not interfere in your life unless you ASK FOR HELP.  You have the sovereign right as a soul to have this entire journey on your own if you choose, not everyone wants help! 

So, if you want the assistance of Angels with your life situations then you have to "INVOKE OR CALL" them to come and support you.  This is an essential step to receiving help from not just the Archangels, but also your Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides.  

Once you take the step to call and ASK Archangel Michael for help you will surely get it.  


Our calls are never ignored and Angels help us to the best of their permitted abilities.  I work with the Archangel’s everyday, and they have informed me that they are bound by limits of contract.

Another words, Angel’s can not change our path or make our decisions for us but they can give us guidance and very insightful assistance as to what and where we should be.  The choice is ultimately up to you!  

We all have a "SOUL CONTRACT" that is planned before we come here so we can achieve certain lessons and growth for our soul.  This whole life and path we are on was not just a happy accident or coincidence, you are here for a reason and that reason is straight from your soul. 

Angel’s are here and put in place by the creator to make sure that this contract is as successful as it can be.  They are here to assist, guide, protect and help us through this journey in so many ways.

As you saw in the “CHANNELED LIST” I provided you straight from Archangel Michael, there is a HUGE list of many things he can assist us with in our life.

SO, it all start’s with INVOKING ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and basically saying “I allow you and request you to come into my life and assist me on this path so I can achieve my purpose for coming here”.

Meditation Prayer for Invoking Archangel Michael?

Here is a simple invocation to ASK him for Assistance:

"ArchAngel Michael, I call upon you now and request your loving strength & guidance.  Please infuse my body with  courage, confidence & strength.  I ask that you protect me from the darkness of negativity, fear, limiting beliefs & karmic binds and remove them from my life.  Please inspire & empower my soul for my ultimate highest good.  Thank you with loving gratitude.

Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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Holly Bailey


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