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Connect to Angels Now with Positive Affirmations!

Our words are energy and carry a vibrations.  They are very powerful and radiate through the Akashic Field.  The Angels hear us when we call them, so using the power of positive affirmations is a great way to invite the angels into your life to help guide, support and heal your life.

So How Exactly do Affirmations Work?  Let me Explain

Everything in our world is vibrational!  You are energy and everything about you is energy.  

The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the emotions you carry, the feelings you choose to reside in, all of these are vibrations that create the experience you are having. 

That's how imporant it is to choose to carry your energy in the right place. So, choose wisely!

Powerful Angel Affirmation's are sending a solid message to the angelic world and requesting their presence in your life.  We may not realize it, but the angels do hear us when we call them, especially if the calls are coupled with a strong intention behind it.  

It's like double edged sword of power to the energetic world.  It's like you being the kid in the classroom waving your hand saying HEY IM RIGHT HERE and I want help!

If you want to feel, hear, see, sense, know and connect to the Angelic world in a powerful way, the use of your words with intention behind it is one of the best ways to do it. 



As we have said, your words are vibrations and very powerful.  When we call out the name "ARCHANGEL MICHAEL", we expect that he will come.  When we ask for assistance from the spiritual realm we usually do this with a combination of things, our words, our intentions and our emotions attached that are attached to this.

So, your WORDS ARE VERY POWERFUL and you can use them to make a positive impact in your life if you choose to.  As you practice with affirmations the power behind these words will become stronger with a greater intent, thus resulting in a greater response and powerful manifestation.

Remember, the soul and spirit functions on emotions, feelings, and intention because it's not physical, it is energetic.

So, USE THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS to manifest connecting to angels and to activate the law of attraction and manifestation of purpose for your life.


They use the term "automatic writing"  "journaling"  "scripting" to name just a few.  You can use positive affirmations and strengthen the energy behind the words and intentions by also writing them out.  

This is a strong way to connect to spirit and you will find it is quite therapeutic also and a great way to shift your energy from the daily struggles of human life.  When you combine the intention, the words and the action of writing it becomes a VERY POWERFUL TECHNIQUE for Manifestation.  It's a TRIPLE POWER PUNCH for your life!

Creating a daily routine is a great way to leverage the power of writing, journaling in your life to not only receive guidance from the angels, spiritul guides or even deceased loved ones, but it's also affecting the Akashic Field.   The field of energy that is all around you and all encompassing and ready to assist you when you need it. 


You are powerful energetic beings who have the ability to direct our energy in whatever way you see fit.  The sooner you realize that you are truly a very powerful SPIRITUAL SOUL that lives on forever and ever, they faster you can move in the right direction to live your best life with it's full potential.  

Your intention is being heard, every minute of everyday.  This life really is a life all about choice!  So, choose to set the intention to have powerful energy and intention for the right things.  That means getting clear on what you want or what you need assistance with and then set the intent to manifest it.

Here's a description from Wikipedia explaining exactly what an affirmation is and where it came from:

angel affirmations, call the angels, connect to angels, how to connect to angels

Here is a Great List of Powerful Angel Affirmations :

  • I am guided and supported by angels everyday!
  • My angels love me & support me in all of my choices!
  • I feel the power of angelic energy in my life now!
  • I feel the love of angels all around me!
  • My angels are helping me to manifest my best life!
  • I am loved, supported and healed by angels now!
  • Angels come into my life for my greatest good!
  • My guardian angel is watching over me always! 
  • Angels are healing my life, right now today!
  • I embrace my true purpose with the guidance of angels!
  • I am open to the energy of angels for my greatest good!
  • I love my Angels!
  • Angels love me, now and always!
  • Angels are blessing me every moment of everyday!
  • Spiritual Guidance comes easy when I call the angels to help!
  • Angels are healing my body right now!
  • I feel confident and assured because Angels have my back!
  • I am loved unconditionally by the angels!

I do hope you enjoy these affirmations and you can create your own that are specific to your personal life.  There's not set way or perfect way to do this, just do it! Set the Intention, embrace your spiritual support team and use the energy of action to live that best life!

Get ready to receive and feel the love and support of Angels today!

angel affirmations, call the angels, connect to angels, how to connect to angels

You can connect to Angels in real time if you would like to and I can help you with that.  I am a Medium and Angelic Channel who bridges that gap of communication so people can have a direct conversation with Angels or a Healing session with them.

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