Guardian Angel Reading


Guardian angel reading

40 Min -  3 Questions


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Connecting to your Guardian Angels is a life changing experience!

  • Do you want to connect to the LOVING & SUPPORTING energy of your Guardian Angels? 
  • Are you wondering if they are sending you signs your not aware of?
  • Would you like to know who your Guardian Angels are and how many you have? 
  • Do you want direct help from your Guardian Angels with your life? 
  • Wondering what's the best way to call and connect to your Guardian Angels for help?
  • Want to receive direct messages, signs & symbols right now from your Guardian Angels? 

What are guardian angelS?

Guardian Angels are beautiful angelic celestial light beings that are assigned to souls before birth into a human life to protect them during their life journey on earth.  They are nondenominational, unconditionally loving, compassionate Angels who's primary purpose is to support you from birth to the time you cross over to your spirit self again.  You have a primary guardian angel that protects you and most souls have multiple guardian angels as a true support system. They wait patiently & willingly for you to ask for and accept their help with your life!

Here is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to know your Guardian Angels

40 MINUTE - 3 Question Channeled Guardian Angel Reading:

  • Learn how many Guardian Angels & what their names are.
  • Learn how to communicate and connect with them to receive the support & guidance you need.
  • Learn the Signs & Symbols they are giving you so you know they are there
  • Find out what they want you to know RIGHT NOW!
  • Ask them 3 direct questions for guidance your life situations!  



I am Holly, a Psychic Medium,  Angelic Channeler & Energy Healer who works with The Archangels, Guardian Angels, Helper Angels, and Spirit guides. I am a strong medium who can talk to Angels, Spirit Guides, family & friends, Pets on the other side.  I can help with your life by providing you with channeled information directly from SPIRIT for whatever you may need.  You can read about me here >  ABOUT ME