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Angels Change Lives!

Conversations with an Archangel for Guidance, Clarity, and Support for your life. 

The Archangel's are the greatest supporters for your life, they love you unconditionally and are always ready and willing in every way possible to assist you with the path for your HIGHEST GOOD!  They can help through direct guidance, information, healing and support for all that you need and steer your life in the RIGHT DIRECTION so the journey may be clearer, more directed, smoother and for the best & highest path in your life and relationships...

Talking directly to an Archangel to receive guidance, clarity & insights for your life and soul path is an Amazing & Life Changing experience!

Hi, I'm Holly Bailey.     I am an Angelic Psychic Medium, Angel Medium & Trance Channel, Spiritual Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Quantum Energy Healer.  I bring direct messages and from the Archangel's so they are talking directly to you!  After years of working with the angels I have mastered the art of channeling SPIRIT MESSAGES with all of my clair's abilities, but especially HEARING (Clairaudience) in my own style of channeling that is highly accurate.  I offer guidance readings, spiritual development and many types of healings with angels.

I can talk to and hear angels just like people talk to each other.  

The guidance I bring through is loving, compassionate, directive and with pure light and love for your best path and highest purpose in your life.  I feel very blessed to have this gift and to help you talk to angels so you can live an amazing life and have beautiful relationships & love.   The guidance is completely focused on you with compassion and understanding to your situation at hand. 

The angels and I focus on your situation at hand, answering your questions and providing you with insights on the outcome and possibilities for your situation.  This is a guidance reading, sometimes they do talk about your future possibilities, it's up to them!  Having a reading with real Archangel's is a life changing experience!

Click here to learn more about Angel Mediumship and the Archangels I work with?  

angel reading, psychic reading, channeled reading, psychic medium, medium


ASK about career, finances, love, relationships, life purpose, business, health and wellness, spiritual growth

  • Ask 3 Questions of your choice
  • MP3 VOICE RECORDED & PDF (of original channeling)


angel reading, psychic reading, channeled reading, psychic medium, medium


ASK about career, finances, love, relationships, life purpose, business, health and wellness, spiritual growth

  • Ask 5 Questions of your choice Deep Reading
  • MP3 VOICE RECORDED & PDF (of original channeling)


Book an Archangel Reading - 30 Minutes or 60 Minutes

1. Choose & Purchase your Reading

2.  Complete the Reading or Healing Form:

  • YOUR EMAIL to send the reading & THE QUESTIONS you would like to ask
  • CHOOSE a specific ARCHANGEL if you want, or I will choose for you. Once you receive your reading you will know WHICH ANGEL performed your reading

At this time I do Reading with : Archangel Michael, Metatron, Raziel, Sachiel, Chamuel, Azrael 

3.  Current Wait Time:  

approx. 3 to 5 Business Days (except Holidays)

  • You will receive a PDF and an MP3 Recording sent to your EMAIL you provide - (PDF of the original channeling as I channel this way & an  MP3 Voice Recorded discussion and overview of the guidance from the Archangel and my psychic insights. I will tell you which ARCHANGEL performed this reading and they will speak directly to you.
  • reading and healings are nonrefundable. The Archangels provide amazing life changing guidance. 

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Must be 18 years of age, legal adult. & Holly Bailey provides Spiritual Life Coaching, Training, Intuitive mediumship Readings, Angelic Reiki Healings & Self Development products and services. Purchasing the Products & Services from ArchAngel Wisdom & Holly Bailey means you agree to the terms & conditions stated.

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