Akashic Records Soul Reading

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ArchAngel Metatron is the Archangels of The Akashic Records, Soul Ascension, Psychic Development and the 5th Dimension.  He channels Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides & Ascended Master

Learn all about who you are a Soul!  Ask questions about your path, whether you have karmic debt, blocks to prosperity, struggles in love, relationships or health.  


In this Channeled reading from Metatron we will work in the Akasha to INFORM, HELP & HEAL YOUR SOUL so you can move forward and live your BEST LIFE NOW! 

Career, Finances, Love, Health, Relationships, Life & Soul Purpose, Starseed info, Psychic Abilities

  • Ask 2 QUESTIONS for the Akasha
  • Receive a personal Message from Archangel Metatron
  • Receive Soul Level guidance directly from your personal Akashic Records
  • Receive a personal message from your Higher Self or Spirit Guides


Career, Finances, Love, Health, Relationships, Life & Soul Purpose, Starseed info, Psychic Abilities

  • Ask 4 QUESTIONS for the Akasha
  • Receive Akasha Soul Reading with Metatron
  • Reveal Karmic debts & Blocks holding you back from your best life.
  • Receive a personal Message from Archangel Metatron & your Higher Self or Akashic Guides
  • Past - Present & Potential Future
  • Starseed Information if you request it.


Book an AKASHIC RECORDS READING - 30 Minutes or 60 Minutes


2.  SEND AN EMAIL WITH YOUR INFO & QUESTIONS:   archangelwisdom@gmail.com

  • SEND YOUR INFORMATION:  send to my email
  • RECEIVE YOUR READING:  delivered to your email: PDF channeling & MP3 overview

3.  CURRENT WAIT TIME:  4 to 7 BUSINESS DAYS (except holiday when its really busy)

  • You will receive (PDF of the original channeling from the Archangel & an  MP3 Voice Recorded overview from me helping you to understand their guidance & information.
  • reading and healings are nonrefundable. The Archangels provide amazing life changing guidance. 

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Must be 18 years of age, legal adult.

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OUR SOULS are INFINITE, living on through many many thousands, even millions of years.  As infinite soul beings we are on a journey to grow, learn lessons, evolve and have experiences that make us wiser, happier, more loving and moves us closer to the light.  

The Akasha is the "BOOK OF LIFE" for your SOUL!

It's the place in the ether where everything is recorded, similar to a large energetic computer system, an energetic database.   It is a universal field that records all that it is, thoughts, feeling, emotions, actions, experiences and the complete journey of our soul lives.  

Our Soul contracts, Soul group, Soul Origin, Past lives, Life Lessons, Journey between lives information is all there including the past, present, and potential future possibilities of our soul.   

We are infinite energetic souls and all that we are and all that we do, think, and feel leaves AN IMPRINT, an ENERGETIC IMPRINT!  Tapping into your Records is Connecting to YOUR SOUL, all of it!

In an Akashic Records reading the Psychic or Angel taps into your records and gives important soul level information you need and want to know.  The Akasha can provide information on love, finances, career, life purpose, past lives, soul lessons, life potential and possibilities, healing that may be needed and more.  We are welcome to our soul information as we see fit as long as it's for our best interest and highest good.