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Thanks Holly! Wow that was an amazing reading. So true about being drawn to sound, I usually prefer sound and audio over other formats and that explains why. That's so cool about my main spirit guide, I got a really deep feeling at that part on what he's like. I really resonated with it, and felt the love and support Metatron was giving. 💜


Thanks SO very much for this fantastic healing. I LOVE Archangel Zadkiel and it's not easy to find healings with him. People usually have a lot of Archangel Michael and Raphael healings.
I loved the report, he is so kind and his message was so helpful. I have a lot of anxiety issues and I feel so lighter within the past two days.

Many Blessings,


Holly, I just got a chance to read over the messages from Archangel Gabriel.  Thank You so much for this beautiful reading.  There is a lot to take in so I'm going to print it out and read it over many times.  Some really helpful guidance came through!  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  I really appreciate it!


Thank you so much for the incredible readings with Archangels Raziel, Uriel, Michael, and my guardian angels. When I read my guardian angel reading this evening, I literally felt my soul sing. I don’t have any other way to describe it, but it was the happiest and most peaceful I’ve felt in a long time.

Jessica L.

my angel reading went way over and beyond my expectations! The reading gave me details I have wandered about that now have been validated! I would suggest her to anyone that asks! I also received guidance on how to grow and learn more in these abilities! if you are thinking about it just do it you will not regret it!


Best Archangel and Spirit Guide Readings!  Her ability to connect to the Archangels and Spirit Guides is incredible!  I highly recommend a reading with her for anyone looking to connect with the Archangels or their Spirit Team!


Incredibly on spot and gave me such healing and valuable information to move forward on my human and spiritual journey.

Jami M.

Everything so fantastic service, communication, and extra. Me and my girlfriend feel a thousand times better

Jason & Theresa

Wow! Just wow! What an amazing channeling! It is beautiful! Thank you so so much!! Highly recommend this to everyone!!!!

Sarah Q.

Thank you very much for everything. I enjoyed my reading and feel so good after the cord cutting. I do hope you feel better soon. Much love and thanks from Georgia.😊

Lori R.

I highly recommend this healing session. It’s such a beautiful experience and I feel lighter and less anxious, tense, and my thoughts are clearer. I’m very thankful to have found this!! Excellent service as well. If you’re having challenges in your life or dealing with pent up emotions that could be affecting you subconsciously then you should purchase a session!

Lisa B.

I truly enjoyed her reading.  I felt connected to Archangel Metatron's message for me.  I would definitely order a reading for her again.


Thank you so much for this very detailed and insightful reading!  Also, for the time and energy you put into relaying this message for me.  I am very grateful for these messages, although a bit hard to swallow, I think I shall follow the guidance offered.  Thank you again for these wonderful messages.


I marvel Holly's readings at ArchAngel Wisdom for her clear & impressive ability to connect to the Archangels! She is kind, compassionate, and delivers very insightful & detailed information and guidance through her channelings. I feel this Medium/Channeler's readings are worth more than 5 stars. She and the team of Archangels have helped me through through some personal issues and ailments, that have come to an improvement. For anyone seeking some guidance in their life, and/or wish to connect with their team of guides or Archangels, I would recommend this reader!


This experience in connecting with Holly has truly been life changing! I have only been working with her for about a month now, but in that short period of time she has become such a dear friend. I have learned so much from her and am so excited to continue working with her. She is so gracious and kind and her services are top notch! I highly recommend booking a session with her.

Jill P.

Holly, The reading was beautiful and so extraordinary. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it! I feel like it was a lot to process but I truly thank you and Archangel Michael.  
I know in the mp3 you has mentioned potential book recommendations. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you for all that you do!  Thank you for always being available! I appreciate you so much!


Holly is an expert in what she does. I have gained a lot of clarity from this reading and now I know what steps to take to help me grow and evolve spiritually. I'm very thankful to her and to Archangel Metaron for their guidance.


Thank you so much for this healing session with Archangel Michael, I'm already feeling so much better and look forward to working with you again in the future


Your readings are worth more than five stars.  The reading I received was packed full of wonderful and beautiful guidance and insight.  Her ability to connect with the Archangels, the spirit world, and the person's situation is impressive.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reading. 


Wow you are amazing! Holly that was a great reading and you're right I am blown away! Thank you so much for not rushing anything. You explained everything so well and it explains why I am struggling a bit at the moment. Will be in touch soon to book something else. Highly recommended people. Holly is tops


Holly & the Team of Archangels are Amazing! This Aura Reading/Healing session was much needed. I feel now taking care of the Aura/Chakra's is the same sort of priority as brushing your teeth. When you don't take care of oral hygiene, there is plaque & tartar buildup and it sometimes leads to dis-ease. This is the same as your Aura. I can say after this Energy cleanse, with AA Raphael & AA Michael, it's like decades of plaque, tartar, and dis-ease have been removed from my Auric field. My body feels clean, light, & even so does the house, which I think my aura also affected. This was the most precise, detailed, and thorough Energy Cleansing I've ever had/experienced. So, I highly recommend this reading & healing session by Holly to anyone looking for a good "deep cleaning!"


Holly is amazing, as always! She was able to provide me with so much needed direction and guidance from Archangel Uriel.  Thank you for all that you do! The guidance and love from the angels has been such a comfort to me!


Hi Holly.  I just realized I never thanked you for that amazing reading with Archangel Gabriel.  It was beautiful and I thank you very much. I appreciate your time, your skills and your caring. 


I can not think you enough for the confirmation. I cry happily knowing that I am not crazy. I appreciate you taking the time to put your energy into reading and explaining to me. I naturally knew something was different about me and my mothers family but could never get the answers until today. Thank you soooooo much I am going to follow the light and begin healing and CONTROLLING these abilities. Since the cord cutting I have felt better. I am truly thankful for you and the angels. As you now know I have been dealing with these feelings for some time now so I also would like any recommendations you have to help me for I have very little direction. Thank you again. I am truly happy now.


Thank you so much Holly for this amazing reading! It came at the perfect timing and honestly was incredibly helpful.  I had my meeting today and it went amazing. I definitely felt my archangels and guides around me and everything just flowed! I was extremely nervous but with their help all the “correct” answers just flowed right off my tongue.  Again thank you so much for your amazing gift and the time you spent gathering this message for me! Much love Danielle 

Danielle R.


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