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6 Undeniable Signs Archangel Michael is connecting to you

Angels are very clever and love to give us hints or signs that they are near.  They truly do want to connect with us in every way possible. Believe it or not, Angels really do like us humans! 

I work with Angels everyday and they actually do get a kick out of some of the stuff we do and then they say things like “that may not have been the best choice dear one”.  They truly are non-judgmental when it comes to the choices we make for our life.

They really do understand how tough being human can be and so many difficult and life altering decisions we have to make to live this life.  I think sometimes it is even frustrating for them because they have communicated to many on many occasions who they wish humans could hear and see them.

Think about how hard it is to help someone who can’t hear or see you.  So, what’s an Angel to do if they really want to get their point across and direct someone in a better direction?

They give us signs!  They try to communicate with us in ways that are undeniable so we really (NO DOUBT) know they are there.  

This could be through feathers, coins, voices, sensing, angel numbers, words, music and even a physical contact like a brush on the arm or tap on the shoulder.


angel reading, angel healing, archangel michael, signs archangel michael is with you

Here’s a mind blowing story of what happened to me:

One morning I woke up and walked out on my back deck to see the sky.  A beautiful summer morning with clear skies and I was still a bit sleepy and not fully awake yet. 

As I was standing on the edge of my deck I could see something coming toward me in the air.  It was small and floating, like drifting my way.  As it started to get closer I realized it was a feather.   

All of the sudden it started floating down until it was 3 feet in front of my face, A WHITE FEATHER.  It floated down and just stopped in the wind and just hovered there right in front of my eyes for like 15 seconds and then floated off in the wind.

How in the world a white feather from nowhere came across the sky and hovered in front of me I will never be able to explain.  I am certain it was the Angels saying “good morning” and we are here with you.  I will never forget it! 

Since I started working with Angels many years ago I have had so many of the synchronicities happen to me that are undeniably Angelic contact.  This is how the Angelic world works and they are always there.  When you are ready they will surely let you know it, including Archangel Michael

If you have invoked Archangel Michael then rest assured he has been around.  Anytime you invoke any of the Angels, they will come.  

Even if you have not invoked Archangel Michael, well he could be around for some reason that you may need in your life. 

angel reading, angel healing, archangel michael, signs archangel michael is with you

Here are 6 Undeniable Signs Archangel Michael is near you or could be communicating with you:

1.  You keep seeing pictures of Archangel Michael or Warriors and Swords keep showing up

Well there is one sure way to know Archangel Michael is near you is to keep seeing him.  If you keep seeing his pictures or pictures of warriors, swords or battles of evil this would be him.  This is how he has been represented through our history and most people are familiar with him in this manner. 

So, angels come to us and present themselves in the ways we are familiar with so they can communicate with us.  Everywhere you look you see pictures and statues of Archangel Michael with a sword slaying the EVIL.  Pay attention if you suddenly start seeing this regularly for no apparent reason.  

2.  You feel Spiritual Energy around you that is Uplifting, Strong, Bright, Comforting and Grounded

He has the perfect balance of strength, endurance and courage and you can feel it when it's around you.  You will feel a sense of safety and strength but also this wonderful warm and comforting feeling that there is no need to worry about life so much.

It almost feels like a blanket of protection wrapped around you in the cold of winter.  The coziest and warmest feeling you have ever felt but solid and strong like a shield of armor all in one.  

There is no way to miss this feeling when Archangel Michael is around you.  It’s an undeniable wholesome energy that feels pure and safe. You may feel lightness, bright light around you or feel this divine kind of energy around.  

Angels are of the light and they bring pure and light energetic feelings with them.  If you feel pure love, see flickering lights or blue orbs at bedtime.  

His Aura is bright and royal blue with hints of purple as stated by Learn Religions and from the book by Doreen Virtue “The Miracles of Michael” on how to recognize him.

Click here to READ THE ARTICLE  on recognizing Archangel Michael.

Intense sense of being protected are more signs that Archangel Michael is there. There are so many ways he can help us when we choose it.

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3.  You keep seeing the name Michael everywhere you go

One of the sure signs of an “ANGEL HINT” is to keep seeing their name everywhere.  Angels have keen ways of 

letting us know they are around and what better way to do that with their own name.

If you keep seeing the name Michael over and over and over then take note.  Angels like to use words, numbers, symbols and other small things to get our attention like coins, feathers, butterflies, birds.  

Keep an eye out for these synchronicities that are staring you right in the face. 

If you see the name Michael 30 times this week, well I doubt that is a coincidence!  Maybe he is trying to get your attention, tell you something, give you a warning, or even help you move forward on your path.

4.  You start feeling Safe & Protected more than you used to

So, you decided to call Archangel Michael into your life.  Another sign he is there is you start just feeling this sense of strength and protection around you.  You can’t really explain it or see it, you just know something is different.

Somehow you feel like you are being guided and supported in some way like never before!  You start feeling a better sense of direction in your life now that you have called him, even more confidence in moving forward and making changes.

If life just seems not as scary and you feel like having fear is diminishing for some reason.  You know for sure he is helping you!  You may even feel like new things are coming but you're not sure what, a sense of strength and surety that everything will be O.k.

When any Angels starts coming around to assist you there is always some kind of energetic shift.  We are energy and we can feel and sense when energy is different, so you know when something around you just feels different.  

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archangel michael, who is Archangel Michael, angel reading, angel protection, angel healing, the king of the Archangels

5.  You Hear Something in your Head that’s not from you

Angel’s do their best to let us know they are there.  If you have invited Archangel Michael into your life and you start hearing voices, listen up!

We are spiritual beings living in a human body, so connecting to spirit is our true nature as we are spirit.  


Angels can communicate through thoughts and voices in your head, so can your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. 


Archangel Michael can provide you guidance through your hearing or thoughts.  Clairaudience is when you hear spirit, claircognizance is when you know.  If you start hearing voices that sound like they did not come from you then you are likely receiving guidance. 

It’s hard for us to understand how this works, but just trust me here, it is real.  Angels are amazing, and they can communicate with you clearly in this way.  


Angels work with energy and intention and they have clever ways of pushing us to move in the right direction or to even open the possibility of asking for help.

They never force us to anything in any way as we are being of FREE WILL, so they choice is always our own if we want to work with angels or receive guidance in our life.  

They do sometimes give us just a bit of a push or even some intuitive feelings that just MAYBE we should think about asking them for help.

Maybe you really need his guidance or a true angel healing with him to help change your life.  If you have invoked him now or in the past then it is a certainty he is coming around.  He never forgets a soul who connects with him. 

I have many clients come to me and say “why do I have this intense pull to work with Archangel Michael, I really don’t understand it, it’s driving me nuts!”

Sometimes there is a bigger picture here that we don’t understand in regards to how the angelic world actually helps us, but ALL I CAN SAY IS THEY DO, and boy do they deliver when you ASK or sometimes think about wanting help from them.

So, for whatever the reason maybe you keep seeing, feeling, hearing so much MICHAEL STUFF, if you are feeling a pull toward him in general it is possible he is just giving you a bit of a push in the right direction. 


Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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