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Guardian Angels are your primary protectors of your soul.  They are assigned to you before you are born and connecting to them is your spiritual gift from heaven.  Your Guardian Angels love you and want to provide guidance and assistance for your life, so they are waiting for you to connect now!


Guardian Angels are beautiful winged angelic light beings that are the primary protectors of your soul while you are here in this life.  They have a sovereign duty as angels to care for, heal, protect and guide the souls that choose them.  

They are nonjudgemental and love you no matter what struggles in this life you maybe having.  They know the human journey is a difficult one and they do their absolute best to be of service and keep you moving forward in your soul lessons if you ASK FOR HELP!

The word ANGEL means "anggelos" or messenger or a divine one who is sent to help, a heavely spirit.

here is the WIKIPEDIA definition of an Angel

Everyone has more than one Guardian Angel to protect them.  In my work with angels and the readings I do for guardian angels I find that most people have 3 on average, but occasionally I will find someone in a reading that has 4 Gaurdian Angels.

All of the Angels are connected, including Guardian Angels and Archangels.  Angels in general are very much team players that work together for the betterment and safe protection of earth and all the soul that inhabit the planet, including pet souls.

Yes, your pets do have guardian angels also!  Eveyone does who comes to earth to live and have a soul experience for the growth and expansion of their consciousness.   That is why we are here to start with! 

If you are ready and truly wanting to connect to your Guardian angels I will discuss the 7 amazing ways to do this. 

There are many reasons why someone would want to connect to their Guardian Angels so I have created a short list that might inspire you and even open your eyes a bit to the things you can ask for help.

Here's a short list of what your Guardian Angels can help you with:

  • to answer questions about your soul path
  • help you with a love situation
  • help you with a career or job situation
  • to heal you from a broken heart
  • to help you overcome trauma and abuse
  • assistance for moving on from the past
  • Heal you from grief and loss of a loved one
  • provide clarity on a new direction for your life
  • to clear negative energy from your body
  • heal a broken heart
  • help a pet cross over that has died
  • to help your loved ones cross over during end of life
  • protect you and your home from negativity
  • protect you during surgery or a medical crisis
  • to help you heal from illness
  • to assist you with difficult parenting situations
  • to push on the right track from abundance & prosperity
  • to remove blocks to abundance & prosperity
  • to give you new business & career ideas
  • to help you with confidence & self esteem
  • to ease your pain in times of need with angelic energy
  • to clear your body of negative emotions or anything else
  • to provide comfort and feelings of security in an unsure world! 

This is a quick list of some of the things your Guardians can help you with!

If you would like to learn how to CONNECT TO YOUR GUARDIAN ANGELS click here....

guardian angels, connect to angels, guardian angel reading, angel reading, angel tarot reading, angel oracle reading



Words and sounds have a vibration.  This is how the angels know we need help, they hear our calls.  When we want to connect to an Archangel we would start with an invocation, it's similar to this pretty much.

Are Angels can only help us if we allow them to and a guided mediation is basically you saying "OK IM READY FOR HELP, COME HELP ME!".

Guided mediations are everywhere these days, available on youtube and many angel websites.  All it takes is a simple 10 minute mediation and quieting the human thoughts and mind so you can get connected.  It's all about getting connected and GIVING PERMISSION to the angels to be involved in your life.

If  you call yoru Guardian Angels, rest assured your primary angel will show up!   We all have more than one, and your main guardian is called your PRIMARY GUARDIAN ANGEL.  So, this is likely the angel that will come, unless you have a specific situation in your life that one of the other's were supposed to help with.  

Whatever the reason they know which one should help, as they are always watching to see how things are going for you and checking up on you and your progress as a soul. 


We have talked about how words are vibrations.  Energy is conscious and it can hear you and be directed.  So, be careful they words you say, because in the akashic field that surrounds you it always means something, whether it be favorable or not!  

Saying a Guardian Angel prayer outloud is the same as calling their name.  It's great if you know their name and you can find that out in a Guardian Angel Reading from a medium like me if you choose.  Otherwise, just find a guardian angel prayer, set the intention that's what you want and SAY IT OUTLOUD!

Heres a SIMPLE Guardian Angel Prayer for Invocation:

Dear Guardian Angels I call upon you now to please come into my life.  I request your loving guidance and healing for my life today.  Please guide and heal my soul so I may have a better direction and awareness for my future.  Please help me to release that which no longer serves my life at this time. 

Thank you,  with loving gratitude.



When it comes to energy you have to realize that intention is very powerful.  Most of us here in the human world really do not understand how powerful we are an an energetic being.  You have great power within you when learn how to use your intention the right way.  

I am sure you have heard about the law of attraction and how powerful it is.  Well, that really is the basis for using energy and intention combined to get what you want in life.  

You can read all about the LAW OF ATTRACTION here and how it can help you manifest in your life....

The same goes for GUARDIAN ANGELS!  I like to think of it as sending a TEXT TO HEAVEN.   When you create an intention in your mind and energy body that you want something, for instance this, connection to your guardian angels well the UNIVERSE RESPONDS to what you want.   So, remember that when you go through your day just how powerful those positive and negative thoughts can be.  So, choose wisely.

If you want to send a text to heaven for your them to come well that just starts with making up your mind and setting the intention to send it up there.  That's how simple it is!


Automatic writing and journaling are all the rage these days.  You can find great books on amazon to guide you through the process for learning exactly how to do it.  

One of my favorite youtube channels is INSPIRE NATION with Michael Sandler.  He is the author of the book AWE, automatic writing experience and it's all about writing to angels. 

Energy is body in motion, so taking action through writing is very powerufl because your are pairing and intention, emotion and action all together in one!  It's like a triple slam in the energy world. 

This is how I taught myself to channel the Angels years ago.  I started out doing automatic writing and pretty soon I was clearly hearing the conversations.  I was already a medium who could communciate with deceased loved ones on the other side, but I had never actually channeled information straight on paper from an ARCHANGEL like I do now.

It was pretty empowering let me tell you when I started realizing those were not my words and the messages were actually coming through my brain and onto paper!  

Once you start automatic writing with your guardians and angels, you will know when the words are not your own.  Angels love to use the phrase "DEAR ONE", this is their primary word for a human and how they communicate with you.  When you start hearing "DEAR ONE", you know its an angel.  

guardian angels, connect to angels, guardian angel reading, angel reading, angel tarot reading, angel oracle reading


Positive affirmation has serious power in the energy world.  If you havent realized it yet but what Ive said here, then realize it now, YOUR WORDS HAVE POWER!  We are energy and energy is in motion, always moving in a some direction, so you get to choose what direction you want it to go every single day.  

I know that's tough stuff to hear in the human world that our mouth's can get us in trouble, but it's the rock bottom truth. So, really think about those words before throwing them out there.

Saying affirmations to your Guardian Angels is just like a telephone to the spirit world.  YOU JUST DIALED 911 to the angel world. Rest assured, the always answer those CALLS!  

heres a great blog post I wrote on positive affirmations....


  • I AM connecting to my Guardian Angels now.
  • My guardian angels are supporting me in my life
  • I AM being healed by my guardian angels
  • My guardian angels are helping me find my soul mate
  • My soul is filled with light and love from my guardian angels
  • I AM fully supported in my life right now by my Guardian Angels


Angel card are amazing and a wonderful way to connect to the spirit realm. Anyone can work with angels through using angel cards, you dont need amazing psychic abilites.  Angels have fun helping us through the use of cards because it gives them that direct connection to you.

I love working with cards and calling in an angel or spirit guide to see the cards fly out of the deck for the messages they want to give me.  The more you practice with angel cards the better your connection gets overtime.  You are tuning into your own psychic abilites and everyone has some psychic abilites because you are ENERGY!

There are so many cool and creative Angel Cards now on the market, you can find great ones on amazon.

Here are some of my recommendation for Angel Cards:

  • Guardian Angel Messages Tarot by Radleigh Valentine
  • Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Radleigh Valentine
  • Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Grey
  • Guardian Angel Cards By Toni Carmine Salerno


One of the easiest and fastest ways to connect to to Guardian Angels is to just go directly to someone who works with angels and spirit daily.  

Mediums are those who can communicate with spiritual beings through psychic abilities called "THE CLAIRS".  Everyone is different and no two mediums are the same just like no two people are the same.  The way they communicate and what their psychic strengths are can vary and even vary greatly, so it's not a one size fit's all in the psychic world.

If you want to actually know what your GUARDIAN ANGELS NAME is then you need to find a channeler.  This is person like me who has clairvoyance but especially clairudience (the ability to hear).   Angel names can vary greatly and sometimes even be a bit shocking and much different from our human names.  So, being able to hear spirit as mediums do is essential to getting names, that doesnt mean a psychic can connect with clairvoyance & clairsentient (seeing and feeling), they absolutely can but for getting full names hearing is best.

Here are some of the names of Guardian Angels I have channeled: Jedkiel (my guardian angel), Braziel, Truindara, Zinstiel, Trudy, Dazania, Jeziel, Awanda just to name a few. 

Learn how to connect to your Guardian Angels now and know their names....Click here....

guardian angels, connect to angels, guardian angel reading, angel reading, angel tarot reading, angel oracle reading


Connecting to your Guardian Angels is something everyone should do at some point in their life.  It's an amazing feeling to actually know who they are and that you can say a REAL NAME outloud and they will hear.

It gives you peace of mind and surety of knowing that you have that clear connection of their name and even being able to have a conversation with them with a real message just ensures that they are there.

It helps to take about the fantasy of what you can not hear or see and makes it REAL and within your reach.  

My wish is for you to truly embrace your SOUL GIFT of having Guardian Angels in your life!

Love & Light



Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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