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5 Powerful Archangels to Call for Help 

A Lot of things can happen in our life when we least expect it.  The human life is a winding road of ups and downs and everything in between. Sometimes the challenges can seem so overwhelming and we are just left in a place of not knowing what to do with our life or how to fix it!

If your life is throwing you some real curve balls  and you are just feeling like you truly need some guidance and direction, well it may be time to call in some spiritual power for assistance.   

We come into this world with a SPIRIT TEAM put in place for us, so there is no reason to slug it out all alone, that is unless you want to.  

This is a life that’s all about CHOICE is what the Angels tell me and my clients.  You get CHOOSE!  You get to choose whether you truly want help or whether you just want to go it all alone on your own.

You have Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and of course you also have the almighty ARCHANGELS at your service to assist you in healing, guiding and creating forward movement in your life.  

So, when do you know it’s time to call in the Angels for help?

WELL, here is list of many reasons why is time to reach out for help

  • You feel stuck
  • You need guidance & direction
  • You need to heal from something
  • You are depressed and feel lost
  • You need help manifesting abundance in your life
  • You need help manifesting Love in your life
  • You need to make a critical life or career decision
  • You experienced a loss that is overwhelming you
  • You are struggling with depression, fear, anxiety
  • You are unhealthy and want to feel better
  • You need to move on from the past or trauma
  • Your tired of struggling
  • You feel alone and frustrated
  • You feel empty, like something is missing in your life
  • You know there has to be more than this
  • You just want help from your spiritual support team
  • You are going through a Spiritual Awakening
  • You are ready to start a Spiritual Journey & connect
  • You want to understand the true nature of yourself
angels, angel reading, angel healing


Our world is a world of two worlds.  This is how I refer to our existence from what I have learned through the years of working with spirit.  There is a world you can see and there is a world you can't see.  Just because you can’t see that world of energy does not mean that it does not exist.  It absolutely exists!  

I talk to Angels every single day and no I can not see them.  I can see an outline with my clairvoyance and feel a presence right beside me and that’s good enough for me. I hear them Perfectly!  I can tell their voice because I am clairaudient!  99% of humans can not see Angels or the world of energy at this time. 

You don’t need some Super Human abilities or have to be special or psychic to work with Angels and allow them to help you with your life.  It just takes a leap of faith on your part, wanting change and being ready to embrace the spiritual being that you truly are.

So, let me explain just a bit about the Angels to help you understand their nature.  

Angels are energetic beings put here in place by the Creator, All that Is, or God, whatever you choose to call it, to keep this planet running.  This is a big planet with almost 8 billion humans on it!

WIKIPEDIA says:  there are 7.8 billion humans on the planet -   click here to read it….

It’s a major job managing, protecting, leading, healing this many souls, so we can live here safely and have this human journey to grow our souls.  The Angels work hard for us day in and day out in the background keeping our world afloat and safe. 

The Archangels have told me it is their sovereign duty to help and assist human souls while they are here learning, growing and having these experiences to advance our souls to a higher level.  That is why you are here and no one ever said it was going to be easy.   Actually, YOU PLANNED IT!

Don’t ever feel like you are a burden!  Don’t ever think you are bothering the Angels or you are going to be judged because you kind of made a mess of your life.  They expect that and they totally understand how tough this human life journey is.  IT IS NOT EASY BEING HUMAN!  

connect to angels, angels, archangels, angel reading, angel healing

So, Are you ready to get started working with an Archangel?

Here are 5 of the most Powerful Archangel’s in our world you can start with.  Remember, YOU ONLY NEED ONE! 

Archangel Michael


A Powerful Protector, Healer & Support for Souls.

Clearing & Cord Cutting, Energy & Chakra Health, Life Guidance, Psychic Protection, Aura Health,  Raising your Vibration, Love & Emotions, Releasing the Past & Trauma, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Personal Empowerment, Supporter of Females, Anxiety & Stress Relief, Soul support for your path and more..

Archangel Metatron


 Guidance for your Soul Path, Starseed Information, Your Akashic Record Information, Spiritual Awakening &  Soul Ascension, Psychic Gifts & Psychic Development, Deep Soul Truths, Mystics, Sacred Geometry & The Merkabah, Channeling Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.

Archangel Uriel


 Guidance & Support for Abundance & Prosperity, Manifestation, Life purpose or Life Path, Career Choices & Decisions, Business Guidance and Ideas, Discovering your Soul Truth, Removing & Healing Blocks to Prosperity & Creativity, Creative Ideas & Pursuits, Achievement & Success, Work & Business Relationships and more...  

Archangel Chamuel


 The Support & Guidance you need for Love & Soul Mate, Marriage & Divorce, Family & Friendships, Relationships, Parenting, Motherhood, Children & Teens, Self improvement, Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance, Self Love & Empathy, Inner Healing and more...

Archangel Raziel

The ARCHANGEL of Nobility & Wisdom, Esoterics & the Quantum Energy, Universal Mysteries & Secrets, Universal Laws, Psychic & Spiritual Gifts, Physical Health & Soul Healing !

 Soul support & Life Guidance, Spiritual Development & Spiritual Awakening, Psychic Powers, Healing the mind, body and soul, Love & Life Purpose, Encouragement & Empowerment, Health & Healing, Discovering Deep Soul Truths,  Self- Awareness & Self Understanding, Removing Spiritual & Psychic blocks and more...

I hope this guide gives you the direction you need to receive divine assistance from the amazing Archangels of our Universe.

Working with them can radically empower & transform your life!  

If you would like to learn how to work with the Archangels through angelic mediumship and channeling you can learn about it here.  


Here is a SIMPLE INVOCATION PRAYER you can use to call any Archangel you choose.  Just replace the name with the Angel you want to work with. 

"ArchAngel ……. 

I call upon you now and request your loving guidance for my life.  Please infuse my body with  courage, confidence & strength to heal and empower my life today.  I ask that you guide me to the right path for my soul’s highest good and purpose.  

Thank you with loving gratitude.

Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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