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44 Manifestation Affirmations for Prosperity & Abundance with Angels

This is world of Energy!  You are energy and everything around you carries a frequency, a vibration.  That is why Affirmations are so powerful when it comes to manifesting what you want in life.  It is a Universal Law taught by the Angels that like energy attracts like energy.  

When you truly are ready to manifest an abundant life, one of the first steps are to look at where you are energetically. Cleaning up your Thoughts & energy system is the key to signaling the Universe and your Angels that you want a life filled with prosperity and to release any lack or blocks that may be holding you back.  

Do you feel like you have blocks that may be holding you back from manifesting money?

Are you wondering if there is an easier way to bring PROSPERITY to you instead of constantly chasing it? 

Are you ready to UNLEASH your inner magic as a soul being and create a truly magnificent life?

Are you wondering if a higher power like Angels can show you the way or give things a  push in the right direction so you can achieve it?

Well, let's explore what Manifestation is and learn some powerful techniques with affirmations to unleash the your personal power and the magical power of the Angels into your life!

So What exactly is Manifestation & how does it all work?

The law of attraction and manifestation is a big topic these days.  The reason for this is that people are finally realizing how powerful of a soul being they really are.  For the first time on earth, people are empowering themselves to be more with the magic of energy.

Manifestation is you embodying the right energetic frequency to harness this universal energy to create the dream life you really desire.  Remember, this is an abundant world and abundant Universe!  There is no such thing as scarcity, that is a true illusion and limiting beliefs stepping in the way.  

Take a look around the world and there are millions, upon millions of people who live an abundant and prosperous life.  Most people have limited beliefs, karmic blocks, thoughts and emotional blocks that usually come from childhood and learned perceptions from their parents or family about life.  

It's almost mind blowing if you think about it, that we are taught to live in lack and to struggle with our thoughts, feelings & emotions.  What you don't realize is that you may carry negative thoughts and feelings about money and abundance, even yourself and your ability to achieve prosperity.  Most people do not even realize they have these limiting beliefs about abundance and prosperity!


Think of Affirmations as you putting the key in the car and firing the engine up!!  

Affirmations & spiritual support are the gas for the engine of your life and soul journey!  When you shift the frequency within you to one of manifestation and flowing abundance, your life begins to respond to the change. It really is a UNIVERSAL LAW!

The more positive affirmations practices you incorporate into your day the better thoughts you have, the higher your vibes become, the more you tap into the universal frequency of abundance and prosperity!   

Learning how to manifest is a personal state of empowerment!  When you empower yourself & embrace the soul side of your existence life begins to chance.  Ultimately, you get to choose how you want your state of being, thinking and energetic state to exist!  All it takes is empowering yourself & saying



It's really up to you and whenever you decide you are ready to get on board & start creating & receiving!  This requires you to let go and release the old, release the blocks, let go of negative thoughts & shift into the state of surrender and receiving.  Manifestation starts from WITHIN!


So, what does that mean?  A STATE OF SURRENDER?  When you surrender to the field around you and the Angels & Guides who are here to support you, then you are letting go of resistance.  You are entering into the FLOW OF ENERGY that has always been there, all around you, ready to respond to whatever stimuli you give it. It's simply INFORMATION, energetic information!

Here is what the first Steps to Manifesting looks like!

  • Allowing yourself to change
  • choosing to initiate different thoughts
  • letting go of past mistakes
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Believing that you can manifest!
  • Making a conscious choice to go for it...
  • Getting crystal clear as to what you want...
  • Setting goals for what you want to manifest
  • limiting negative environments & people
  • Empowering yourself to do this energetic work
  • accepting that there is a higher power that is magical
  • cultivating an environment so you can manifest
  • striving for personal growth & achievement
  • Being Mindful & Aware of where you are energetically
  • embracing the spiritual and soul side of your being
  • choosing to receive abundance & release old beliefs
  • taking action to consciously manifest
archangel of prosperity, angels of abundance, archangel sachiel, archangel ariel, archangel barachiel, manifestation with angels, manifest money


There are affirmations for just about everything you can possibly think of. There are money affirmations, saving affirmations, new job affirmation, dream home affirmations, dream car affirmations, love affirmations, soulmate affirmations, health and wellbeing affirmations, angel affirmations, spirit guides affirmations, clear & releasing affirmations and more.  


  1. Find a quiet & calm place without distractions
  2. Set the Intention and decide what you want to manifest
  3. Write it in your Journal, this intensifies the affirmation!
  4. Choose the Affirmation to help you reach your goal
  5. Visualize the Affirmation & Future in your mind like it has already come true
  6. Repeat this daily, either morning or before bedtime.
  7. Allow the energy of Receiving, feel it in your heart space...
  8. Repeat the process for 30 to 90 Days

One of the best ways to reset your thinking is through affirmations, mantras, prayers of a positive state. 


Angels want you to have an abundant life, whatever abundance means to you.  Prosperity and abundance is a very personal view of one's life.  It takes a lot of personal discovery & empowerment to embrace a new future of possibilities for your life.  It takes bravery & courage to embrace infinite energy.  

Whatever abundance & prosperity means to you the Angels are listening!

When you decide to CALL THE ANGELS in and ask for help here are a few things you should consider!

  1. Decide what abundance means to you, get clear on it.
  2. Set realistic goals for what you want to manifest in your life
  3. Take action on what you are asking for help with
  4. Invoke an Angel you want to work with, there are many!
  5. Set a DAILY SCHEDULE & JOURNAL your progress

Angels love to help, always!!!! The need to know what your intentions are and they also expect you to be proactive and take action.  This is the human world and in the physical everything takes some kind of action and work on your part.    

If you would like to have a HEALING SESSION with the Archangels you can see here what I offer in my Angel Shop...


archangel of prosperity, angels of abundance, archangel sachiel, archangel ariel, archangel barachiel, manifestation with angels, manifest money


These principles are essentially the beginning to helping you accomplish an energetic reset and enter into a positive state of being in your daily life.

Even if you can incorporate just a couple of these, you will see results in the way you feel daily and the energy that comes to you in your daily experiences. 

Angels are particularly AMAZING at helping us to accomplish some of these things list below.  You just have to CALL THEM & ASK FOR HELP!

Here's what you should Focus on!

  • Positive Affirmations, Mantras & prayers
  • Visualization of what you want to attain
  • Emotional Intention you create
  • Releasing, Clearing & letting Go
  • State of Allowing or Surrender to manifestation energy
  • Meditation & Energy Healing for energetic reset

 These are some of the best ways to clear up a negative state of being and enter into a great place of being so you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

HERE ARE 44 Positive Affirmation & Mantras you can use everyday to attract the life you want!

I would choose just a few of these Affirmations to get started.  One of the coolest things I do is to put a sticky note on my bathroom mirror with my favorite affirmation so I start my day with the right energy!

Say these affirmations a few times a day.  It literally takes 5 minutes of your time to improve your life. When you feel like you are ready to move on to a new type of Affirmation, then choose a different focus of what you want to improve.  Your intention is VERY POWERFUL!, Afterall you are a soul in a human body!

You will notice the feelings start to shift within a few days of doing these affirmation, mantras or prayers.  


  1. I love & accept myself unconditionally
  2. I radiate positive energy now!
  3. I am strong & achieving my dreams
  4. I am the master of my own happiness
  5. I forgive myself for past mistakes in my life
  6. I am beautiful and deserving of happiness
  7. I am Unique in everyway and that is wonderful
  8. I attract positive & loving people into my life
  9. I release the past & open to amazing possibilities
  10. I am open to abundance and prosperity
  11. I love my body and all its uniqueness
  12. I choose love over fear!
  13. I am proud of my accomplishments
  14. I deserving of happiness & joy in my life!
  15. I accept all of the blessings of the universe
  16. I am deeply love my Angels & Guides
  17. I am one with a Universe that loves me
  18. I am accomplishing my dreams right now!
  19. I am resilient & can handle all challenges that come my way
  20. I attract a beautiful soul mate for this life
  21. I accept my self fully and gracefully
  22. I LOVE ME!
  23. I am confident and self-assured today!
  24. I can handle any challenge that comes my way
  25. I am whole and fulfilled in my life
  26. I am a creation of god & filled with divine love
  27. I choose to allow overflowing abundance into my life
  28. I trust myself to make the right decisions
  29. I am supported and loved in all that I choose
  30. I believe in myself & my true potential
  31. I accept myself for who I really am
  32. I am fully supported by my spiritual team
  33. I am opening my special gifts right now!
  34. I am free of past mistakes & choosing forward movement
  35. I let go of past hurts & choosing love now
  36. I am achieving success in my life right now!
  37. I choose to be a good person & love others
  38. I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life
  39. I release self judgement & choose to love myself today
  40. I am calm & emotionally centered in my life
  41. I am worthy of accomplishing my dreams
  42. I am growing & expanding everyday
  43. I trust my decisions & choices for my future



These affirmations were written with LOVE from me to you.  I truly hope they help you feel better, be better and to live your BEST LIFE NOW & TODAY!

Love & Light     


Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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