Self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence, affirmations for self love, mantras for self love

44 Affirmations & Mantras for Self-Love & The Law of Attraction!

Learning to love yourself and heal the past is a real journey of its own.  It takes bravery and courage to choose to let go of past life experiences & mistakes that no longer serve your life.  Affirmations & Mantras are a wonderful and very effective way to reset your brain & energy system to stop rehashing past memories.  

Afterall, the past no longer exists anymore, its only the energetic memories of it that keep playing in your mind.  Energy healing can help with clearing & releasing blocks of years of emotional junk stuck in your aura.  Cleaning up your energy system is one of the best ways to reset your life, along with the power of positive frequency from affirmations, mantras or prayers.

SELF-LOVE - What does it really mean and how to embrace it!

You see books everywhere regarding Self-love these days.  It is really a concept that has become very important in the journey to have a truly happy life.  

It's a bit difficult, almost impossible, to be truly happy and have the life you really want if you are living in a low vibrational state of judging, criticizing yourself in your head, picking yourself apart, or allowing others to.  

You see Self-love & Self- acceptance are energetic frequencies!  You are energy and you have a vibrational state of being just like everything in our world does. 

When you shift your being into a state of positivity and self-love you are essentially telling the Universe you want more of that.  It's so important to be careful and choose the energy and thoughts that you have everyday. 

Think of Self-Love as the Law of Attraction!  It is!!  

Positive and healthy energy frequencies go together, that is how energy works.  Just like oil and water do not mix, the same goes for negative  and positive states of being.  

The more positive actions you take to love yourself, accept yourself, release self judgement & come from this beautiful divine state of being the more this positive energy will come your way.  

That's the magic of living in a world of energy, you get to choose how you want your state of being, thinking and energetic state to exist!  All it takes is empowering yourself to realize what already is and letting go of this illusion that you are someone a victim of your world!

Here is what Self-Love Looks Like!

  • Accepting yourself for who you are 
  • looking in the mirror with a smile & accepting your body
  • accepting yourself the way you are, perfect or imperfect
  • letting go of past mistakes
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Setting goals for your life
  • doing things that make you happy
  • removing relationships that do not serve you in a good way
  • setting healthy boundaries with people
  • Using positive self talk when you are down
  • having respect for yourself
  • being self aware of your strengths, weakness, & gifts
  • striving for personal growth & achievement
  • being mindful and present & letting go of the past
  • rewarding yourself for accomplishments in your life
  • cultivating a nurturing environment in your life
  • taking care of your mind, body and soul
  • embracing the spiritual and soul side of your being
  • learning about who you really are as a soul
  • only allowing loving & caring people into your life

Self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence, affirmations for self love, mantras for self love


The Law of Attraction is simply a concept that like attracts like in the world of energy.  It suggests that whatever state of being you choose to be in everyday brings more of the same.  

If you look at the scale of vibrational energy you can see how important it is to try not hover in low level energies all the time. It's impossible to be positive all the time, after all this is EARTH & you are HUMAN!

Life will never be roses and diamonds every day.  Everyone goes through trials, tough times and sometimes really hard ones. So, It is necessary to also be realistic when it comes to positivity in your life.  

I say this with great love, but the reality of human life is all of us have pets or loved ones that die, or changes in financial situations, health issues, loss & grief, break-ups and life issues that are very trying. That's just the way life rolls on earth!

When you are really working on Self-Love & Attracting what you want for a great life, just remember it is not about perfection or being positive every single minute of the day.  

What matter is your overall energy and learning to make corrections in your life when things get really tough for you.  It's O.k. to be sad, hurt, frustrated about things that are out your control in life, but it should not consume you and become a permanent state of being.  We are supposed to heal from our challenges and eventually get life back on track at some point. 

The more you can focus on positive states of being then the more you find and attract this type of energy into your life.  Sometimes you may just need a little help resetting your mindset after a big life situation, like breakups, divorce, loss or grief. 

One of the best ways to reset your thinking is through affirmations, mantras, prayers of a positive state. 

Also, meditation is another great way to reset your energy.  

Energy healing is also another great way, by having your energetic field cleared of clumps of stuck emotional energy and overload.  Think of these emotions like sticky glue that is stuck to your fingers.  That is the best way to describe how they are stuck in your energy field. 

You have the power within you to clear and release these stuck energy accumulations.  Energy is simply information in form!  It's thoughts, feelings, emotions all combined together in your energy fields.  This includes your brain, chakras, heart field and aura.  


Angels are particularly amazing at doing this type of work, resetting your energy body and releasing all of that junk that is clogging it up! Opening those Chakras & restoring a positive flow of white light energy circulating through your body again!  


If you would like to have a HEALING SESSION with the Archangels you can see here what I offer in my Angel Shop...


Self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence, affirmations for self love, mantras for self love


These principles are essentially the beginning to helping you accomplish an energetic reset and enter into a better state of being in your daily life.  

Even if you can incorporate just a couple of these, you will see results in the way you feel daily and the energy that comes to you in your daily experiences. 

Angels are particularly AMAZING at helping us to accomplish some of these things list below.  You just have to CALL THEM & ASK FOR HELP!

Here's what you should Focus on!

  • Positive Affirmations, Mantras & prayers
  • Visualization of what you want to attain
  • Emotional Intention you create
  • Releasing, Clearing & letting Go
  • State of Allowing that which is good for you to exist
  • Meditation & Energy Healing for energetic reset

 These are some of the best ways to clear up a negative state of being and enter into a great place of being so you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

HERE ARE 44 Positive Affirmation & Mantras you can use everyday to attract the life you want!

I would choose just a few of these Affirmations to get started.  One of the coolest things I do is to put a sticky note on my bathroom mirror with my favorite affirmation so I start my day with the right energy!

Say these affirmations a few times a day.  It literally takes 5 minutes of your time to improve your life. When you feel like you are ready to move on to a new type of Affirmation, then choose a different focus of what you want to improve.  Your intention is VERY POWERFUL!, Afterall you are a soul in a human body!

You will notice the feelings start to shift within a few days of doing these affirmation, mantras or prayers.  


  1. I love & accept myself unconditionally
  2. I radiate positive energy now!
  3. I am strong & achieving my dreams
  4. I am the master of my own happiness
  5. I forgive myself for past mistakes in my life
  6. I am beautiful and deserving of happiness
  7. I am Unique in everyway and that is wonderful
  8. I attract positive & loving people into my life
  9. I release the past & open to amazing possibilities
  10. I am open to abundance and prosperity
  11. I love my body and all its uniqueness
  12. I choose love over fear!
  13. I am proud of my accomplishments
  14. I deserving of happiness & joy in my life!
  15. I accept all of the blessings of the universe
  16. I am deeply love my Angels & Guides
  17. I am one with a Universe that loves me
  18. I am accomplishing my dreams right now!
  19. I am resilient & can handle all challenges that come my way
  20. I attract a beautiful soul mate for this life
  21. I accept my self fully and gracefully
  22. I LOVE ME!
  23. I am confident and self-assured today!
  24. I can handle any challenge that comes my way
  25. I am whole and fulfilled in my life
  26. I am a creation of god & filled with divine love
  27. I choose to allow overflowing abundance into my life
  28. I trust myself to make the right decisions
  29. I am supported and loved in all that I choose
  30. I believe in myself & my true potential
  31. I accept myself for who I really am
  32. I am fully supported by my spiritual team
  33. I am opening my special gifts right now!
  34. I am free of past mistakes & choosing forward movement
  35. I let go of past hurts & choosing love now
  36. I am achieving success in my life right now!
  37. I choose to be a good person & love others
  38. I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life
  39. I release self judgement & choose to love myself today
  40. I am calm & emotionally centered in my life
  41. I am worthy of accomplishing my dreams
  42. I am growing & expanding everyday
  43. I trust my decisions & choices for my future



These affirmations were written with LOVE from me to you.  I truly hope they help you feel better, be better and to live your BEST LIFE NOW & TODAY!

Love & Light     


Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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