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22 Amazing Angel Affirmations for Manifesting Health & Wellbeing for a Beautiful Life...

Everyone wants to be healthy and have a great life filled with happiness, joy, love, abundance & true wellbeing.  In order to have this amazing life that you want it takes effort & action! Our physical existence requires effort, dedication and tenacity to be and stay healthy and well.  

It's essential to care for your body or physical vessel so it is healthy but also the other many Soul & Spirit aspects of yourself. This includes mind, body and soul as part of having a healthy, balanced and purposeful life that is well rounded and whole!

The Angels are the absolute best at helping with healing and improving the mind, body and soul for us.  

These benevolent beings and divine messengers understand you better than you even know yourself.  It brings them great joy to have the opportunity to help you on your path and AFFIRMATIONS FOR MANIFESTING better health and wellbeing is one of the greatest ways to invite in the Archangels and give them permission to help you with your life. 

Affirmations are very powerful energetic forms of thought and word energy! You are a very complex and intricate soul being in a human body.  

Think of yourself as a database of emotions, feelings, thoughts and knowledge from the inception of your creation as a conscious soul in form.  So, if you are struggling in some area of your life a SUPER POWER way to receive help is by using Affirmations and Angels!

  • Do you need help with overcoming a tragedy in your life?
  • Are you feeling off balance and wanting to bring your energy back into a harmonious state of being?
  • Have you gone through a tremendous loss or have grief from loosing someone you love?  Yes, that means pets too!
  • Do you just want to feel better, know you are supported, loved and protected while you are here on earth living this life?
  • Do you need emotional healing from trauma of the past, dreams, memories or feelings that just won't subside?
  • Do you need physical healing or help because you are struggling with illness?
  • Are you ready to embrace the spiritual side of your existence and feel a heavenly connection that sometimes earth just doesn't provide?

In this article we will explore someone of those amazing ways you can find support for health and wellbeing from your Angels and Guides that love you.  

The Illusion of being a loner soul slugging it out on earth is just that  "AN ILLUSION"!

The Angels want you to know just how amazing you are as soul on this great journey of evolution and the path of becoming of learning, growing and become a wise and loving soul.  You are here to learn to love and to experience all aspects of your being, even the parts that are contrast!

You are energy, you are energy in form.  You are a delicate conscious creation that needs nurturing, healing, support and connection to a higher power!  The earth ride can be a one of many twists and turns, bumps and bruises as you know.  

Sometimes you really need help, guidance, healing, and even a push in the right direction.  That's where the Angels come in, they bring their BEAUTIFUL ANGELIC MAGIC into your life with just the words and requests of your voice.   

Do not worry is your life has veered off track a bit or has really thrown some curve balls your way!  

The Angels have your Back!

It's easy to get off balance when your here going through all of these crazy experiences that happen in an earth life.  Everyone has challenges and obstacles no matter what package they are wrapped in.  When it's time to change the channel to a NEW FREQUENCY, I would suggest an angelic one filled with affirmations for what you need to be healed. 

Angel Affirmations are a powerful way to request help for the mind, body and soul.  When you need some light in your life, it's best to choose one the HAS WINGS...

Think of  Angel Affirmations as inviting the light in when you are in a time of darkness, you are turning the light back on!!  

When you shift energetic state of being to a higher state of being you are nourishing the light within you, you are charging it and bringing it to the surface.  You are call it to you and magnifying it's brilliance.  You are inviting in the Angelic Magic that's waiting...


Calling your Angels with positive affirmations for health and wellbeing will illuminate your life.  It raises your energetic vibration and fills your inner soul needs for connection, love and healing from the Angels above. 


In this life you get to choose, so choose what is best for you in all aspects of your being.  Use these beautiful Angel Affirmations to heal your life, find your purpose, nourish your soul and more.  Affirmations are you shifting into live in the flow of spirit.


When you surrender and allow Angels & Guides to truly help you improve your healthy & wellbeing, you are shifting into the UNIVERSAL FLOW OF ABUNDANCE.  You are letting go of resistance and allowing healing energy to flow into your life abundantly.  

This LIGHT is all around you, waiting and ready to respond to to your call, your voice, your intention that you want it present. It's answers to your call and you can accept it and embrace it, allow it to heal your life.  

Healing with angels, angel affirmations, affirmations, angelic reiki, archangel


Affirmations are essentially vibrations in word form!  When you says these powerful affirmations the field of energy around you response to what it is you want.  When you call in the Angels and Guides and ask for healing with affirmations they will gladly come to at your request!

There are so many great ways to use affirmation in your life.  

Here are some of the reasons that you would choose to use daily affirmations with calling Angels to come and guide, heal, embrace and support you from the heavens. 

  Here are some of the WAYS TO HEAL YOUR LIFE!

  • Give yourself a break
  • Nourish your mind with good energetic thoughts 
  • Let go of past mistakes and hurts
  • Tell yourself you will heal your life
  • Believe that you can live in health and happiness!
  • Making a conscious choice to do healthy things...
  • Choose to eat healthy and exercise daily
  • Choose to invite the help of your Spirit Team
  • Intend to heal yourself and mean it
  • Limit negative environments & people that make you sick
  • Tap Into the White Light of Creation for healing or God
  • Embrace your loving Angels & their gifts of offering
  • Cultivate daily feelings of healing with affirmations
  • Decide you will be healthy and balanced
  • Be mindful of days that are challenging and shift your energy
  • Create a healthy connection to a higher power daily
  • Ask to be HEALED, in mind, body & soul
  • Nourish your mind with good thoughts and entertainment
  • Take action to improve your mental wellness

One of the best ways to reset your thinking is through affirmations, mantras, prayers of a positive healing energetic state.


The Angels are the ULTIMATE HEALER for HUMANITY!   Connecting to their divine energy by invoking them with affirmations is one of the easiest and full proof ways to ask for help.

Having this divine connection with your Angels and Guides nourishes so many wonderful things for your life including:

  • Happiness & Joy
  • Harmony & Balance
  • Love & Understanding
  • Wholeness & Unity
  • Healing & Inner Peace
  • Hope & Encouragement
  • Protection & Safety
  • Clarity & Creativity
  • Life Purpose & Dreams
  • Oneness with a Higher Power
  • Transformation & Expansion

Whatever kind of Healing you are seeking, I promise you that the Angels are always listening and ready to assist you with whatever it is you are requesting!  They respect your decisions and encourage your optimism for the life you live.  

Think about what you want from them, what you want to heal in your life.  Here are the steps to getting started.

Here's how to Choose the Affirmations for Angels:

  1. Decide & get Clear on what you want to heal
  2. Get a Journal & write it down on paper!
  3. Make up your mind to really commit to healing 
  4. Choose an Angel you want to work with to heal you and Invoke them
  5. Create your Sacred Space for connecting & doing the spiritual work through affirmations
  6. Energetically connect to that Angel by saying powerful Affirmations for what you want to heal
  7. Create a daily routine to do this healing work
  8. Document what you feel in your journal & how the process is going while you heal your life

Once you learn how to invoke the Angels and work with them, be patient and watch as you see small improvements come overtime to your life!  Your intention is so powerful, so make sure to INTENT to see a result!

If you would like to have a HEALING SESSION with the Archangels you can see here what I offer in my Angel Shop...



Start with a couple of Angel Affirmations and work on this consistently everyday.  As you see results, you can add more or switch to another area of your life that needs healing.   You can write them down, put sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, desk at work, on the refrigerator, or anywhere you spend your time the most.  

Say the Affirmations you choose a couple of times throughout the day and watch the feelings you have!  Feel the energy change when you say them and see if you can sense the Angels around you!


  1. I release all fears & worry to my Angels who love me!
  2. I am fully supported & loved receiving peace from the divine.
  3. I surrender to the power of my Angels so they can work miracles in my life...
  4. I am open to receiving healing energy from my Angels
  5. I love & honor myself fully as I am supported with divine love. 
  6. I feel the love, guidance & support that flow through me from my Angels. 
  7. I am surrounded by Angels who protect & guide my soul everyday.
  8. I am worthy of receiving divine Angelic healing in my life.
  9. I am filled with vibrant health & vitality from my loving Angels. 
  10. I allow my Angels to fill my life with radiating divine energy.
  11. I request my Angels to release all past traumas & fill my soul with miraculous healing energy.
  12. I choose love over fear because I have divine support from heaven.
  13. I am a channel for divine healing energy & blessings everyday.
  14. I am supported by Angels in every challenge I face as I grow & heal.
  15. I know my Angels are here to support me to live my true life purpose
  16. I release all stress & anxiety and give it to the heavens so I can live in peace & health.
  17. I feel every cell in my body being healed by the magical energy of my Angels.
  18. I ask the Angels to release all tension & stress from my body and restore my life with peace & serenity.
  19. I Trust in the power of my Angels to heal my mind, body & soul.
  20. I embrace the present moment with the support of my Angels as they help to heal my life. 
  21. I am a soul of creation that is resilient & enduring to overcome the greatest challenges before me. 
  22. I trust the wisdom of divine support to heal my life for its highest good. 

My beautiful soul friends, I hope that you use these affirmations to bring heal and blessings into your life today!  

These affirmations were written with LOVE from me to you.  I truly hope they help you heal your life so you can live your BEST LIFE NOW & ALWAYS!

Love & Light     


Angel Expert & Channel, Psychic Medium, Author, Soul Ascension & Psychic Development Coach, Energy Healer.  I channel Angels & Spirits to provide guidance, support & healing for your life.

by Holly Bailey

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22 Amazing Angel Affirmations for manifesting Health & Wellbeing in your life…

Holly Bailey


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