Heal, Tranform & Ascend with the magic of Angels


Connect To The magical Archangel's of our Galaxy!

Archangels are GALACTIC soul beings that want to help you with your life & soul journey.  They love you unconditionally and are always ready to provide guidance and healing on a QUANTUM LEVEL!

They can help you Manifest Abundance, Prosperity, Love & Relationships, Health & Healing from the quantum... They can help you heal trauma, grief, loss and even to connect to the heavens! 

Open your Psychic Abilities, Remove Cords of Attachment, Clear Energetic Blocks, Charter your Spiritual Awakening and the current 5D Ascension of Earth that is happening now!  These are just some of the magical things the beauty of Angels can bring into your life!  

How Can I Help You?

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Channeled Mediumship Readings from the Archangels, Guardian Angels and The spirit guides

angel healing, healing sessions, healing with angels, energy healing

Energy Healing, Cord Cutting, The Violet Flame  and Aura Healing with Archangels

akashic records reading, akashic records, archangel metatron

Your Book of Life Reading from The Hall of Records with Archangel Metatron & the Akashic Guides

Holly Bailey   


Angel Expert & Channeler, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Quantum Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, & Spiritual Ascension Coach


The beauty of your soul journey is the connection you have to spirit. There is so much SUPPORT & GUIDANCE waiting for you with just a simple connection to your ANGELS & GUIDES!  Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Your Higher-Self, or even loved ones & pets that have crossed are all waiting to speak with YOU! 

Here you will find true honest guidance, healing, and understanding to help you in any area of your life! LOVE, HEALTH, PROSPERITY, PURPOSE!

Have a real conversation with an Archange, Guardian or Guide!  



Ive done nearly 1,000 channeled readings & healings with the Archangel's. 

I have worked with people ALL OVER THE WORLD! 

You can read hundreds of testimonials on my testimonial page

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" Best Archangel & Spirit Guide readings.  Her ability to connect to the Archangel's and Spirit Guides is incredible.  I highly recommend a reading with her for anyone looking to connect with the Archangel's or their spirit team."

Mary B.


"Thank you so much for the incredible readings with Archangels Raziel, Uriel, Michael, and my guardian angels. When I read my guardian angel reading this evening, I literally felt my soul sing. I don’t have any other way to describe it, but it was the happiest and most peaceful I’ve felt in a long time."

Jessica L.


" Wow you are amazing! Holly that was a great reading and you're right I am blown away! Thank you so much for not rushing anything. You explained everything so well and it explains why I am struggling a bit at the moment. Will be in touch soon to book something else. Highly recommended people. Holly is tops"



"I highly recommend this healing session. It’s such a beautiful experience and I feel lighter and less anxious, tense, and my thoughts are clearer. I’m very thankful to have found this!! Excellent service as well. If you’re having challenges in your life or dealing with pent up emotions that could be affecting you subconsciously then you should purchase a session!"

Lisa B.


" Thanks SO very much for this fantastic healing. I LOVE Archangel Zadkiel and it's not easy to find healings with him. People usually have a lot of Archangel Michael and Raphael healings.  I loved the report, he is so kind and his message was so helpful. I have a lot of anxiety issues and I feel so lighter within the past two days.

Many Blessings,"



" Holly, I just got a chance to read over the messages from Archangel Gabriel.  Thank You so much for this beautiful reading.  There is a lot to take in so I'm going to print it out and read it over many times.  Some really helpful guidance came through!  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  I really appreciate it!"


archangel teaching, messages, archangel channelings, angel healing, angel guidance


Live Channeled Conversations from 9 of the most magical

ARCHANGEL's in our Universe!

These channeled messages and teachings will help you to understand your soul journey, heal your life, learn to work with angels and provide guidance & support for your spiritual growth & ascension.

Archangel Michael     Archangel Raphael     Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Metatron   Archangel Uriel           Archangel Ariel

Archangel Gabriel       Archangel Haniel       Archangel Zadkiel


Angel Mantras

Connect to Angels with ANGEL MANTRAS & THE POWER OF INTENTION and tap into this energetic magic for your life and journey.  Learn the 4 Step process to use mantras to connect to angels and manifest the life you really want.

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Archangel Michael

Who is Archangel Michael?

Learn all about the most powerful Archangel and Leader of our Universe and how he can help you and protect you in this life.  His guidance and support is priceless for all areas of your life you may need guidance.  He is ready to help you now, here is how to connect.

Prayers, Invocation & Affirmations included. 

Archangel Metatron

Who is Archangel Metatron?

Learn all about this magical Archangel and how he governs your soul through the Akashic Records, Metatron's Cube, Spiritual Awakening, Sacred Geometry and true anglic connection. 

Read here how to connect with Metatron!

Guardian Angels

Learn how to really connect to your Guardian Angels that are here to support you in your life journey on earth.  You can tap into your spiritual team so they can assist you to manifest the life you really want.  Live your Best Life Now by building a relationship with your amazing spiritual team!

Step by Step guide here.